Day 93 – Hizballah “Retaliation” Begins

In what they say is the “beginning” of their response to the assassination of high-profile Hamas deputy Saleh al-Arouri last week, Hizballah shot a record 62 rockets on northern Israeli communities and military posts during … Read More

Day 90 – Hizballah Leader Threatens Israel

Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah responded to the assassination of a senior Hamas operative yesterday, calling it a “crime” and saying that Hizballah “won’t be silent.” As usual, he didn’t issue a direct threat against Israel … Read More

Day 89 – Hamas Number Two Assassinated

The deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau was assassinated last night in a presumed Israeli strike in Beirut, Lebanon. Saleh al-Arouri, who was second only to Ismail Haniyeh, was influential in the planning of October … Read More

Day 86 – NYT Recognizes Oct 7 Sexual Violence

After nearly three months of silence and doubt regarding Hamas’ documented use of extreme sexual violence against women, both Israeli and international, on October 7th, the New York Times finally published an article this week … Read More

Day 82 – Escalation in Northern Israel

Tragically, a soldier who was injured days ago by a Hizballah anti-tank missile succumbed to his injuries today. A rocket fired from Lebanon hit a church in a Christian village in northern Israel yesterday, seriously … Read More

Day 79 – 15 Bereaved Families in One Weekend

During continued fighting throughout the Gaza Strip, IDF forces found a significant weapons cache inside a civilian building located next to a school and medical clinic. Shockingly, among the weapons found in the cache were … Read More