Australia Declares Hamas Terrorist Group

Australia made an historic move in labeling Hamas a terrorist group. This is important for Israel, especially at the UN, where Israel often gets scolded in its fight against Hamas. The designation of Hamas as … Read More

High Tensions in Sheikh Jarrah

A senior Israeli official warned that the ongoing unrest in East Jerusalem’s contested Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood could reignite hostilities between Israel & Hamas in Gaza. While this situation is very complex, recent provocations by Israeli … Read More

Organized Crime in Israel

The danger from organized crime in parts of Israel is growing more intense. In Ashkelon, an Israeli man was killed and two were seriously injured after a car bomb detonated on Sunday night. The car … Read More

$1.3 billion plan to reduce cost of living

Israeli PM, Naftali Bennett, unveiled a $1.3 billion plan aimed at reducing Israel’s extremely high cost of living. The plan includes tax cuts for working families, child-care subsidies, and regulation to stimulate price-cutting competition for … Read More

Israel Kills 3 Suspected Terrorists

Israeli security forces killed three Palestinian terrorists in the city of Nablus. They were responsible for recent shooting attacks that killed Israeli citizens. The Shin Bet internal security agency reported that the men were armed … Read More

Defense Minister Visits Bahrain

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz landed in Bahrain Wednesday afternoon on a surprise unannounced visit. This historic visit comes amid heightened tensions in the Gulf after recent attacks by Iran-backed Houthi movement on the United … Read More

5th Wave Receding

For the first time since November, Israel reports a virus reproduction rate under 1. This is a sure sign that the 5th wave of COVID is receding. At the peak of the current wave, over … Read More

Israeli FM Meets with Top Palestinian Official

Yair Lapid, Israel’s Foreign Minister, met with Hussein al Sheikh, a senior member of the Palestinian Authority and a close ally of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Al Sheikh oversees civilian and security coordination between the … Read More

Major Winter Storm Headed to Israel

“Elpis” winter storm is headed towards Israel, and is expected to make landfall on Wednesday. The storm will most likely drop snow on Mt. Hermon, the Golan, and even Jerusalem. Heavy rains will fall in … Read More