Emergency Relief Fund

“‘Comfort, O comfort My people’, says your God.” Isaiah 40:1

This relief project, also know as “Operation Restoration,” exists to practically assist Israelis during times of conflict by relocating families away from war zones, providing financial assistance to rebuild homes and businesses, and strengthening the war-torn communities. We also provide unwavering emotional support to families who have suffered trauma throughout the different conflicts in Israel. If we can build up people, families, and communities that have suffered because of war, we have victory over our enemies who want nothing more than to see the people of Israel fall into despair. By blessing those suffering the devastating reality of war, and comforting Israel in her time of distress, we are answering the call to comfort those in affliction with the comfort we ourselves have received in the LORD.

We can never anticipate exactly when the next war will come, yet we are committed to standing by these communities who live in such close proximity to enemy lines. We continue to pray and trust God for His protection and provision.


Our emergency relief fund (Operation Restoration) was established in the summer of 2006 during the Second Lebanon war between Israel and the Lebanese terror group, Hezbollah. Moran, who was based in the United States at that time, was speaking to a friend in northern Israel during the war. Suddenly, he heard air raid sirens screaming and in the background and his friend and her family had to relocate to the bomb shelter indefinitely. He realized that this was the time to do something to help; God was presenting an opportunity to reach out and minister to those suffering in Israel. He was reminded of the word “restoration” that had come to him in his prayer time earlier that day. It was then that “Operation Restoration” was born. To date, HFI has brought hundreds of individuals and families relief from the past 11 years of war and conflict in Israel. We are grateful to have a part in Israel’s physical and spiritual restoration!

Outreach Updates

  • Summer 2014: 50 Days of Operation Protective Edge

    In the attacks on Israel in the summer of 2014, scores of rockets struck homes, businesses, schools, other public buildings and vehicles in and around towns and villages in southern Israel. For over a decade, Israeli residents, particularly in the southern regions close to the border with Gaza, had suffered huge losses – loved ones killed or injured, properties damaged or businesses completely ruined. It was not only physical hardships they faced, but also emotional distress. The intense stress and fear of not knowing when or where the next rocket would fall caused long-term psychological impact on many individuals, and Read More

  • Operation Pillar of Defense 2012

    After a constant onslaught of rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza on the southern towns of Israel, the IDF launched a military operation against Hamas called “Pillar of Defense” in November 2012. As a result, the Israeli communities bordering the Gaza Strip came under intense attack from Hamas. Hope for Israel once again initiated “Operation Restoration” and promptly evacuated hundreds of people from the war-affected areas to safe hotels away from the war. We received many testimonies from people that were helped. Here are a few: “I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for hosting Read More

  • Strengthening Community 2008

    In the months leading up to the IDF’s military operation, “Operation Cast Lead” in December 2008, southern Israel experienced multiple rocket attacks almost daily. The immense weight of not knowing when or where the next rocket would fall took its toll both emotionally and physically for the Israeli citizens in that area. When visiting a community bordering the Gaza Strip, Moran felt a heaviness that weighed on him; he noticed that no one was walking outside, children were not playing on playgrounds, and people in general stayed indoors close to shelters, or in their cars to get to where they Read More

  • Strengthening Community 2007

    We provided the funding for the renovation and fortification of a cultural community center for a kibbutz that suffered years of attacks from Hamas. This agricultural community is located just a couple of miles from the Gaza border, and so the residents only have 15 seconds to find safe shelter once the air raid siren sounds. For years, this community did not have enough bomb shelters throughout its grounds, and particularly troubling was that the elderly residents could not make it to safe shelter in time. This fortified community center serves not only the elderly for their various activities throughout Read More

  • Second Lebanon War 2006

    We were privileged to provide immediate assistance for approximately 130 people, more than half of them children, during the Second Lebanon War. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to move these families from the volatile north to safe shelter in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for over one month. There we provided them with meals and a safe and peaceful place to stay, getting much-needed peace and quiet. Hope for Israel followed up with members of Pastor Joseph Haddad’s congregation who suffered great emotional trauma and financial losses during the war. Thanks to the faithful friends of Read More

  • Victims of Terror Outreach

    Hope for Israel considers reaching out to victims of terror a key element of our work. We purpose to bless those who have suffered and to mourn with those who mourn, all the while offering hope that only the LORD can give.  

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