Forming a Coalition

December 11th is quickly approaching and with it the likelihood of a third election in a single year without any prospects of ever forming a coalition. After Netanyahu and Gantz failed to form coalitions following … Read More

Traffic Jams

It’s a problem in many nations, but Israel has some of the most congested roads in the developed world and its getting worse. This past year saw a huge jump in the economy thanks to … Read More

Education in Israel

Please join us in praying for the education system in Israel. The system is in dire need of an overhaul at a time when the nation is at a legislative standstill. According to a recent … Read More

Integration in Israel

Many Jews are returning to Israel each year from the ends of the earth. For those Jews living in Israel who were not born there, especially those who are older and no longer eligible to … Read More

Weapon Factory

In response to yet another rocket attack from Gaza today, Israel successfully hit a weapon factory in Gaza. Pray that this will significantly reduce the rocket making capabilities in Gaza moving forward.

Hot and Dry

This November has been especially hot and dry. Pray with us for abundant rainfall and for those in the agricultural industry waiting for the rainfall to put in their crops for the fall.

Corruption in Government

Pray for Israel’s government for the truth to be exposed about those in high positions and for all crookedness and corruption in government to be uprooted.

Recognizing Legitimacy of the Settlements

The US recently recognized the legitimacy and legality of Israeli settlements (often big cities disputed by most as being illegal). Pray that more would come to a knowledge of the truth. Please also pray that … Read More

Forming a Coalition

Tomorrow evening is the final evening that Blue and White will have the mandate to form a coalition with Benny Gantz as Prime Minister. Pray for continued efforts to form a coalition. Pray for Israel’s … Read More

Teachings from Zion

Moran’s most recent Teachings from Zion trip is coming to a close. Pray for all who heard him speak to grow deeper in faith and understanding of God’s heart for the land and people of … Read More