Israel Offers Aid to Lebanon

Israel offered humanitarian aid to Lebanon after the devastating explosion ripped through Beirut yesterday. The two countries are technically at war, so this move is unprecedented. The blast killed 100 people, and injured over 4,000 … Read More

Israel bombs targets in southern Syria

Israel attacked military targets in southern Syria Monday night, hours after thwarting an infiltration attempt from Syria by suspected militants trying to plant explosives along the border. Tensions are already very high on Israel’s northern … Read More

Schools to Open Sept. 1 at Half Capacity

Education Minister Yoav Galant revealed his plan for reopening schools on September 1 under the coronavirus restrictions. Children in kindergarten through second grade will attend school in person with little changes to their usual schedule, … Read More

IDF Troops Foil Attack from Lebanon

The IDF reported that, on Monday, they thwarted an attempted infiltration into Israel’s northern section from Lebanon. According to the military, approximately five men fled back across the border into Lebanon after advancing only several … Read More

Dangerous Heatwave in Israel

Israel is bracing for a dangerous heatwave this week. Forecasters predict record-breaking temperatures and humidity as high as 80% in coastal areas. Please pray for protection for the vulnerable, especially the elderly, and for safety … Read More

Coronavirus Endangers Israel’s High-Tech

Israel’s high-tech industry has been relatively untouched by the Coronavirus fallout. However, there are some warnings that mass layoffs in high-tech companies are inevitable in the future. This could have a devastating ripple effect in … Read More

New Elections in November?

According to sources close to PM Netanyahu, he is planning to hold elections in November. This would scrap his coalition agreement with Blue and White party, where Benny Gantz would become PM in October 2021. … Read More

Civil Unrest in Israel

Thousands of protestors rallied in Jerusalem against PM Netanyahu Tuesday night. Many in Israel are angry over his handling of the Coronavirus outbreak and corruption allegations. The protests turned violent and dozens of protestors were … Read More

Israeli Nurses Strike

The National Association of Nurses began a strike in protest of the lack of manpower shortages during the Coronavirus pandemic. Beginning today, all non-urgent surgeries will be postponed and outpatient clinics will operate in an … Read More