IDF Operation Olive Branch to Aid Turkey

In the early hours of Tuesday morning an Israeli search and rescue delegation, named Operation Olive Branch, landed in Turkey to aid in the continued search for the survivors of three severe earthquakes which have … Read More

Extreme Weather Warning

Winter storm Barbara blew into Israel Monday morning, bringing with it winds as strong as 70-100 kmph. Rain, and snow for Israel’s northern mountains, is expected through the end of the week, bringing chances of … Read More

Prison Rioting Heightens Tensions

Over the last 24 hours, several rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israeli border communities. There has been no loss of life so far. Hamas and PIJ leaders say the rockets are in response … Read More

Mental Health Crisis in Minors

The Israeli National Council for the Child released a report Tuesday outlining the drastic increase in mental illness in children since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even suicide attempts … Read More

Blinken Visits Israel

On January 30, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken landed in Israel. He was met by his Israeli counterpart and spoke briefly at the airport before heading to a meeting with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The … Read More

Jerusalem’s Deadliest Weekend in a Decade

UPDATE: Over Shabbat, 7 Israelis were killed and 5 more wounded in two separate shooting attacks less than 24 hours apart. The first shooting was the deadliest attack Jerusalem has seen in a decade. Although … Read More

Israel Experiences Low Rainfall

So far, Israel’s winter this year has been dry and sunny, excepting short bursts of rain at the end of October and the middle of December. While the sunshine is pleasant day to day, the … Read More

Israeli Cultural Divide

Over the last few months, the chasm dividing Israeli society has grown significantly, catalyzed by the dramatic events of the last election cycle. Issues like minority rights and judicial reform as well as the status … Read More

Israeli-Jordanian Relations

Jordan was the second Arab nation to sign a peace treaty with Israel (after Egypt) but the diplomatic relations between the neighbors have been strained over the last couple years. During his tenure as prime … Read More

Trends of Anti-Semitism in 2022

The World Zionist Organization released their annual report on anti-Semitism Tuesday. They found that while anti-Semitic incidents in the United States and Europe have continued to increase at an alarming rate throughout 2022, the yearly … Read More