Prayers from Believing Nurses

Pray… For a stop to the theft of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer in healthcare institutions. For the supplies mentioned above to be provided for the working staff. We have gotten requests from frontline workers … Read More

Emergency Coalition

Negotiations are underway for an emergency coalition in Israel. The goal of such a coalition would be to pass much needed legislation in order to face the Corona crisis head on, especially in the way … Read More

Speaker of the Knesset

Shocking rumors today of Benny Gantz (head of the Blue White party) turned out to be true when he got himself nominated by the right bloc parties and seemingly abandoning all good relations he had … Read More

Death Toll in Israel Rising

Two more people have died from the Corona Virus in Israel today and 1,930 cases have been confirmed of the Corona virus in Israel. Please pray for all affected by this, for the families of … Read More

Closing the Knesset

A decision by Speaker of the Knesset, Yuli Edelstein, earlier this week to close the Knesset led to a wave of protests today. Nine people were arrested in Jerusalem for violating the Health Ministry instructions … Read More

Politicizing the Corona Virus

Pictured above: Nearly empty paths through the Mahane Yehudah market this Friday afternoon that are normally packed shoulder to shoulder on Fridays leading up to the Shabbat. We are in unprecedented times in Israel. We … Read More

The Farmers of Israel

Father, thank you for those men and women in Israel who serve this nation by farming and providing the nation with quality produce. Thank you that these men and women continue to work on the … Read More

The Coming of Messiah

As the Corona Virus continues to worsen some rabbis in Israel are explaining to those who look to them for guidance that the reason for this virus is that the day of the Messiah’s coming … Read More

Rain in Israel

Many places in Israel are still receiving high amounts of rain. Thank you Lord for the abundant rain this year. We trust you and believe for restoration of the water resources in this land as … Read More

Believing Youth of Israel

As the whole world focuses right now on the Corona Virus, we also want to be faithful to pray for other things that are important now as much as always. Lord bless the believing youth … Read More