First UAE Commercial Flight Lands in Israel

An Etihad flight carrying journalists, tourism executives, and other businessmen landed in Israel for the first time today. This flight originated in Abu Dhabi and will return later in the day. In a welcoming ceremony … Read More

Israel to Reopen Kindergartens on Sunday

After a five hour deliberation, Israel’s coronavirus cabinet voted to reopen kindergartens, small businesses, take-away food services, and beaches this coming Sunday. This is a positive sign that the infection rate in Israel is lowering. … Read More

Small Business Owners Burn Goods in Protest

Dozens of small business owners demonstrated in Tel Aviv on Thursday, protesting against lockdown restrictions they say have caused their financial ruin. Some burned their stock in the streets, while others stopped traffic to protest … Read More

Lockdown extended through Sunday

Despite the fact that the rate of positivity for coronavirus had dropped to 4.9%, the lowest since early July, Israel’s governing body decided to extend the lockdown until Sunday at midnight. They hope this will … Read More

Cargo Arrives in Israel from Dubai

History has been made. The MSC Paris,the first cargo ship to make the historic journey between Dubai and Israel, docked in the Haifa Port this week. Eight containers filled with electronics, cleaning supplies, and firefighting … Read More

Simchat Torah

Friday night marks the end of the Sukkoth period of “chol ha mo’ed”, and on Shabbat, we will celebrate Simchat Torah (The Joy of the Torah). Synagogues will be closed this year, or severely limited … Read More

Israel Entering 3rd Week of Lockdown

Israel is entering the third week of lockdown. People are growing very restless and families are especially struggling right now. Recent reports paint a grim picture of the decline in mental and emotional health for … Read More

Ultra-Orthodox Clash with Police

Over the weekend, police cracked down on a number of illegally-run synagogues in the ultra-Orthodox communities of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, which lead to several violent clashes. Under current lockdown restrictions, all houses of prayer … Read More

Sukkoth (Feast of Booths)

The last major holiday in the High Holy Day season, Sukkoth, begins at sundown. Traditionally, this is a time when Jewish families invite friends and loved ones to sit in their Sukkah. Sadly, this year … Read More

Growing Unrest in Israel

This second lockdown has created increased social unrest in Israel. There has been a sharp increase in the number and intensity of anti-government protests. Recently, protests in Tel Aviv turned violent against the police and … Read More