Budget Deficit

In order to meet gaps in the 2019 government budget due to the re-elections in Israel, Israel will be taking several measures in order to cut about $900 million so as to curb the deviation in … Read More

Education in Israel

Israel’s medical research is among the foremost in the world. So too is much of the other research coming out of Israel’s universities. Universities such as Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, and Israel’s … Read More

Fires in Northern Israel

Please pray for fire crews and volunteers that are battling a huge brushfire between the moshavim of Tzippori and Hoshaya in northern Israel.

Israel’s Shoreline

A recent report indicated that despite the very clean appearance of nearly all of Israel’s beaches, some 570,000 tons of plastic end up in the sea each year from Israel’s beaches. Please pray both for … Read More

Dripping Fire

Now, terror groups are soaking slow-burning fuses in explosive liquids, causing balloons to drip fireballs as they fly, creating fires in multiple locations. Please continue to pray for Israel’s borders and for God’s continued protection … Read More

Budget Deficits

Since Israel currently has an interim government and parliament (the Knesset) has been dispersed for re-elections, Israel’s ability to narrow the gaps and return to the budget framework that the parliament had initially forecast is … Read More

Lebanon Drone Penetrates Israeli Air Space

Today, a Lebanese military drone briefly crossed the border from Lebanon into Israel in an effort to spy on Israeli troop movements. Please pray for security along all of Israel’s borders and for protection from … Read More

100 Acres of Wheat Burned

100 acres of wheat was burned by Gaza arson balloons today. Hamas continues to send balloons with burning devices attached over the border with Israel. These balloons cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of … Read More