Israel’s Allies

Please pray for all who have stood and continue to stand with Israel. This is no easy undertaking as much of the world stands against Israel. Pray that all who stand with Israel will be … Read More

Passover Celebrations

Please join us in praying that those celebrating Passover in Israel and throughout the world will have a peaceful and life-giving Passover and that God will reveal his heart through this special commemoration of God’s … Read More

42 Days

Last night, Netanyahu was officially given 42 days by Israel’s president in which time he may seek to reach coalition deals with the other parties who have voiced a willingness to support him in the … Read More

The Poor

Please join us in praying for the poor of Israel as we approach Passover. We are blessed to live in the land of milk and honey, but some people can neither afford the milk nor … Read More

Enough is Enough

Many young adults from southern Israel are saying that enough is enough and that, having grown up under constant threat of rocket attack from Gaza (and constant attacks), they will not traumatize their children by … Read More

Passover Preparations

Israelis are cleaning their dwellings for Passover! This is a time for cleaning out clutter, cleaning our homes and offices from “hametz” (anything with leaven), and preparing for the Passover meal. Please pray for all … Read More

Trump’s New Peace Plan

Now that the Israeli elections are decided, President Trump will soon release his peace plan between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. While specific details are not known, this plan will be radically different from anything … Read More

No More Divisiveness

With elections seems to come a spirit of divisiveness, and this time more than many others. There is a desire for progress in Israel but an overwhelming feeling that things will continue as they have. … Read More

Israeli Agriculture

Israeli Farmers are always in need of prayers as farming in Israel especially requires a high efficiency and maximizing crop yields while minimizing the need for water or good temperatures. Computerized systems are now enabling … Read More

Forming a Coalition

Who will be in the parliament for this next term of service has been decided by Israel’s voters and now it’s time for those who have been elected to form a coalition. Please pray for … Read More