BDS in Ireland

BDS, an effort to hurt Israel economically, is a daily battle for Israel and the people that live within her borders. Most recently, Ireland’s senate passed a pro-BDS bill. Please continue to join us in … Read More


A winter storm that hit Israel on Thursday caused flooding in different areas of the country. Fifty children and their teachers were safely rescued from three kindergartens in one town that received especially heavy rainfall. … Read More

The Shin Bet and Thwarted Attacks

According to the latest reports, the Shin Bet has thwarted over 500 terror attacks so far this year and is continuing to excel in keeping the Israeli public safe from terrorism. Please join us in … Read More

Operation Northern Shield

The IDF launched “Operation Northern Shield” this morning to expose and neutralize cross-border Hezbollah tunnels which have infiltrated into northern Israel. Please pray for the success of this project in foiling any attempts by Hezbollah … Read More

Hanukkah Begins

Hanukkah – the Feast of Dedication – begins at tonight at sundown. Please pray for the Lord’s protection over all who will be celebrating, especially outside of Israel, where there has been much anti-Semitic behavior … Read More

UN to Condemn Hamas Violence?

The European Union is expected to back a United States sponsored resolution condemning Hamas violence against Israel that is likely to come to a vote before the United Nations General Assembly in New York on … Read More

Water Resources

We are in Israel’s rainy season now and believing God for a miracle after years of diminishing water supplies in Israel. Please join us in praying that God will bless us abundantly with rain throughout … Read More

Thwarted Attack

Please pray for the continued effectiveness of Israel’s security forces. Today, the Shin Bet released a report regarding a recent thwarted attempt by the heads of Hamas in Gaza to establish terror infrastructure in the … Read More

Effective Communication

It may not seem like a big deal, but in a country where religious convictions go so deep, especially for the ultra-Orthodox, effective communication is critical. This past week, an Israeli airline got out of … Read More

Compensation for Southern Israel Residents

Israel’s Tax Authority unveiled compensation measures today in the Knesset’s Finance Committee that will benefit those residents and business owners in Southern Israel most heavily impacted by the escalations with Gaza. Please continue to pray for … Read More