Unity Among Believers in Israel

Please join us for praying for unity for believers in Israel. There are many awesome people here in the Land who love Yeshua and the more we unite in prayer and worship of the God … Read More

De-escalation with Gaza

This week things got especially intense with Gaza with over 180 rockets fired at Israel and at least 7 people injured. Please pray for quick recovery for those who were injured and for more stability … Read More

Hamas Terrorists Open Fire on IDF

Hamas fighters opened fire into Israel from the border on the northern part of Gaza Strip. Those targeted in the attack were unharmed. Please continue to pray for protection over Israel along this border during … Read More


We’ve seen quite a few rain clouds lately, which is a huge surprise since we’re fully in the midst of summer in Israel, normally a very dry and cloudless time of the year. Please join … Read More

Boldness for Believers

Being a believer in Israel isn’t always easy, even in modern times, especially in modern times. It’s hard for many to understand how one can be both Jewish and believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. … Read More

The Poor of Israel

Please join us in praying for the poor of Israel, for a revelation of God’s heart for them and for people who will pour into them in ways that will have a lasting benefit for … Read More

A Heart of Worship

Join is in praying that God would raise up a heart of worship in Israel so that his glory would declared in and from this land.

Extreme Heat in Israel

Record-breaking temperatures hit Israel this past week, and set the stage for rapid spread of wildfires. Please pray for those most vulnerable to the high heat, especially the elderly and young children, and for those … Read More