Terrorism in Judea and Samaria

Terrorism is, by nature, unpredictable. Yesterday, June 6, a Palestinian terrorist shot at the passing car of a Jewish settler, shattering his window and causing minor injury. This incident is only the latest in a … Read More

Iran Capable of Producing Nuclear Weapon

An American nuclear specialist warned in an interview published this week that Iran has enough enriched uranium to create as many as seven nuclear bombs within the next half year. Its stockpile of enriched uranium, … Read More

Shooting Attack Critically Injures One

A shooting attack in northern Samaria early Tuesday afternoon resulted in the serious injury of an Israeli man in his thirties. The man received initial first aid at the entrance to an Israeli settlement before … Read More

Judicial Reform Debate Returns

Following the successful passing of a national budget last week, the Knesset will return to debating the controversial judicial reform. The reform, which focuses on the balance of power in the Israeli government, triggered massive … Read More

The Holiday of Shavuot

The holiday of Shavuot (sometimes known as Pentecost) will enter on Thursday night across Israel. Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah (and for believers, the giving of the Holy Spirit). Shavuot is also one … Read More

Wildfire Rages Near Dead Sea

Tuesday marks the third consecutive day that Israeli firefighters struggle to contain a case of suspected arson on the shores of the northern Dead Sea, near Kibbutz Kalia. The fire already consumed acres of farmed … Read More

Hizballah Invites Media to War Simulation

Sunday, in a rare departure from secrecy, Lebanese terror group Hizballah invited members of the press to witness a day of staged combat and symbolic shows of force against Israel. During the exercise, which took … Read More