Israel Forms “Civil Coronavirus Cabinet”

Knesset member, Naftali Bennett, announced the formation of a civil Coronavirus cabinet comprised of experts from sectors of Israel’s health & economic professions. The cabinet was formed in response to the government’s inability to address … Read More

Palestinians Ready for Direct Talks with Israel?

In a move to counter Israel’s annexation of key Jewish settlements in the Judea & Samaria region, the Palestinians are prepared to renew long-stalled peace talks with Israel and to agree to “minor” territorial concessions. … Read More

Number of Patients in Serious Condition Rises

The Health Ministry reported this morning that the number of coronavirus patients in serious condition had increased by 18% overnight and currently stands at 46, among them 24 patients on ventilators. While these numbers are … Read More


Please join us in praying for those affected by anti-Semitism in Israel and abroad.

Boeing and Israel

A shining example of solidarity with Israel even in tough times is Boeing. This company has an agreement to invest in the Israeli aerospace industry hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Even though this … Read More

Judea and Samaria

Pray for those living in Judea and Samaria, formerly occupied by Jordan, and referred to by many as “the West Bank”. Pray for an end to the divisiveness that is encouraged between the people of … Read More

Solidarity with Israel in Germany

This week, Germany banned the third neo-Nazi group in 2020 in an ongoing effort to combat this nasty ideology. Pray for Germany to be successful in ongoing efforts to uproot anti-Semitic groups such as neo-Nazis. … Read More

The Israeli Economy

Israel’s economy is struggling as the government refuses to reopen other portions of economy such as tourism & entertainment. Pray with us for those affected including ministries such as Hope for Israel that operate largely … Read More

Educators in Israel

Parents and educators in Israel have their work cut out for them as we close out the school year. Pray for both parents and educators to keep the education of the forefront of their attention … Read More