Day 216 – President Biden has warned Israel that he will suspend the delivery of weapons

In an unprecedented move, President Biden has warned Israel that he will suspend the delivery of weapons, including bombs and artillery shells if Israel expands its military operation in Rafah beyond the currently limited focus on the Rafah crossing. This stance marks a significant shift for the Democratic president, who has consistently supported Israel throughout the war despite facing intense pressure from progressive Democrats to consider limiting military aid to the country.

Israel has expressed intense disappointment and frustration over the U.S. decision to delay weapons shipments, interpreting it as a warning against its plans to broaden the Rafah operation. Israeli officials have stressed to their American counterparts that this decision could compromise the already sensitive negotiations related to a abducated exchange deal.

Despite the threat to halt offensive weapons, Biden has reassured Israel that defensive weapons, such as Iron Dome interceptors, will still be provided even if Israel proceeds with an expanded operation in Rafah.


Please pray for Israel’s leaders that they may know how to navigate the relationship with the U.S. to a place that is better and safer for the State of Israel.

Please pray that Biden’s statement will not adversely affect the continuation of the fighting in Gaza and the negotiations for the release of the captives.

Please pray for Israel that everything we need to accomplish in this war will be achieved. That we will succeed in bringing down Hamas and bringing all the captives home.






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