Day 212 – Situation of uncertainty regarding the war in Gaza

The Israeli public is in uncertainty about the war in Gaza and the potential deal with Hamas for the return of captives. While wanting to see Hamas defeated, they also hope for the safe return of the abductees. Protests for and against the deal and entering Rafah are ongoing.

Israel wants to defeat Hamas and is considering further military action in Rafah, hoping it will lead to a better deal. However, the abductees’ well-being is a pressing concern. 

Israel remains skeptical about reaching a deal, with only the Mossad and Shin Bet leaders seeing a chance of success.


Please pray for wisdom so that the Israeli government’s cabinet members can make correct and accurate decisions.

Please pray for the speedy release of all the captives.

Please pray for protection on the borders of the country and for wisdom for the Israeli government and security forces on how to restore security to all the citizens of Israel.





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