Day 215 -Escalation in the Northern Border in Recent Weeks

In the last week, there has been an increase in the number of rocket launches from Lebanon by the Hezbollah organization towards northern Israeli settlements. Many homes have been hit, but thanks to the fact that most of the residents of the settlements of the north were evacuated more than half a year ago, there are almost no casualties. With that, as a result of the rocket launches, two soldiers were killed this week. Thanks to Israel’s defense systems, many of the missiles were intercepted, but the protection is not airtight, and as mentioned, we are suffering casualties and quite a few injury cases.

Israel has responded to these latest attacks by targeting Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in southern Lebanon. IDF aircraft have been striking various terrorist targets, including weapons storage facilities, rocket launchers, and military buildings belonging to Hezbollah.


Please pray for the protection of the remaining residents of the north who have not evacuated.

the political leadership on how to achieve a cessation of the rocket launches and eliminate the threat of terrorist organizations, including Hezbollah and Hamas.

Please pray for the residents of the north who have been displaced from their homes for over half a year. Some live under challenging conditions, with families of five or six people in two small rooms.





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