We Remember

Israeli Disengagement from Gaza We Remember the Hundreds of Israeli families that were uprooted and forced to leave their homes in the Gaza Strip. After 15 years, we are still waiting for the peace that … Read More

Israel the Startup Nation

Israel the Startup Nation Israel is more innovative today than ever! Hard times call for creative solutions and Israel once again reminds us that necessity is the mother of invention. This video was shot in … Read More

Did You Know — “Coronavirus in the third world”

Coronavirus in Third-World Countries What if you were dealing with the Coronavirus in a third world country?Previous NextWe RememberAugust 14, 2020Israel the Startup NationMay 14, 2020Did You Know — “Coronavirus in the third world”April 16, … Read More

Lone Soldiers

Lone Soldiers Did you know that thousands of young people from around the world volunteer to serve in the IDF each year? They choose defending Israel over their comfortable lives back home with family & … Read More


Tourism in Israel… 4.5 million people can’t be wrong! What makes Israel such an amazing place to visit? Watch and find out! If you like our videos, subscribe to our Beyond the Headlines Youtube channel … Read More

Fair Planet

One farmer at a time… There are many farmers in the world, especially in developing nations, who don’t know about the vast resources available to them. Many also lack an education on issues that the … Read More

A Great Year for Israel Advocacy!

A Great Year for Israel Advocacy! There’s still more to share! Our Beyond the Headlines video series is our way of showing you the REAL Israel today. This video series hosted by our own Moran … Read More

2019 Recap

Highlights from 2019 Check out this highlight video from our Beyond the Headlines series in 2019! Israel is under attack in university classrooms, corporate boardrooms, and throughout social media. These attacks are largely based on … Read More

Did you know — BDS

Did you know — BDS We went out to the streets of London to discover what the BDS movement is really about and why they hate Israel…and only Israel. Share with your friends and protect … Read More

One Heart for Peace

One Heart for Peace Meet this unique organisation called “Heart for Peace”. They have treated hundreds of Palestinian children in Israel. Previous NextWe RememberAugust 14, 2020Israel the Startup NationMay 14, 2020Did You Know — “Coronavirus … Read More