Answering Skeptics

Is Jesus Messiah?
The Passover That Changed The World


Elections in Israel — It’s More Complex Than Meets the Eye”
Israel: A Light to the Nations
The Two State Solution: What Does the Bible Say About It?
Two State Solution: Just and Loving or Human Folly?
Detangling the Israeli Election Results
Who Will Lead Israel in These Troubling Times?
The Rising Cost of Living in Israel
Israel-Land of Innovation
The Olympics and Israel-More Than Just Sports
Social Unrest in Israel
The Illegal Immigration Dilemma Facing Israel
Constructing Controversy or Building up Israel:
60 Years for the Land of Israel
Why the World Loves to Hate Israel?
Daniel in the Lion’s Den
Jerusalem Day
Israel Taking Center Stage…Alone
A Believer’s Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
Israeli Arab People: More Than Victims and Terrorists
Poverty in Israel
What Would Boycotting Israel Really Mean? 
Israel: A Land Flowing with Milk and Honey
The New US Administration and Israel
Israel: Spiritual Versus Physical
In Whom Do We Trust?
In the Eye of the Storm
“’Peace, Peace’, But There is No Peace…” Jeremiah 6:14
The Mountains of Israel: Reflections From A Recent Tour of Israel
Israel: The Apartheid State
Cities of Mud
Look Up!

Current Events & the Middle East

The “E-1” Issue
Gaza: Israel’s Ever-Present Front
A Palestinian State: What Does it Mean for Israel?
A Deadly Distraction:
War in Israel: How Serious is the Threat, Really?
Thoughts on Iran
Egyptian Elections: What is Truly Good for the Egyptian People?


Dry Bones
Jerusalem 70 AD: Not One Stone Left upon Another
America and Prophecy – Where is She?
A Heavenly Sign

Replacement Theology

US Presbyterians Vote Against Divestment
United Methodist Church May Divest From Israel
United Methodist Divestment Update
Is There Hope For Israel?


The New Anti-Semitism: A Pandemic Hatred Against the Jewish People
“Trendy” Anti-Semitism
Mideast Film Protests and Anti-Semitism
The World’s Double Standard
AMI Update – April 2013

Feasts & Holidays

The Festival of Shavuot
What Does Rosh Hashanah Have to Do With Me?
Rosh Hashanah, That Mysterious Holiday
You’re Just Passing Through
Why I Observe Yom Kippur
Shavout / Pentecost by Baruch
Is It Dripping with Honey?
“…For Such a Time as This” Esther 4:14b


You Gotta Serve Somebody
Discipleship: Copies of the Original Yeshua, Part I
Discipleship: Copies of the Original Yeshua, Part II
A Threefold Vision, A Life-Changing Vision
The Genealogy of Yeshua