Day 207 – The protest Israel on U.S. campuses refuses to subside

The protest Israel on U.S. campuses refuses to subside, along with arrests and confrontations between pro-Palestinian students and Israel supporters. At UCLA in Los Angeles, some individuals broke through barriers erected between Israel supporters and opponents, leading to violent brawls.

Approximately 200 students were arrested at various universities over the weekend. At Indiana University, 23 students were detained for refusing to dismantle an unauthorized camp. In Boston, 102 students at Northeastern University were arrested after police dismantled their camp, which the university claimed was infiltrated by outside elements. Similarly, 69 students were arrested at the University of Arizona.

This month, Columbia University prevented Professor Shai Davidai from entering the main campus area, where he serves as a lecturer. Davidai’s personal card was deactivated without prior notice or apparent reason. Davidai confronted the security guards and the university’s vice president, Cas Halloway, who was at the scene.


Please pray for the safety of Jewish students, that they may not come to harm.

Please pray for a firmer stance against the protesters from university leaders.

Please pray for the speedy recovery of those injured in the riots.






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