Day 202 – Hamas released the first video of captive Hersh Goldberg-Polen

Yesterday afternoon, Hamas released the first video of captive Hersh Goldberg-Polen, a 23-year-old Israeli-American who was kidnapped from the “Nova” party on October 7th. The video serves as the first proof of life for the young man, and it shows that his left hand was amputated due to injuries sustained from Hamas militants’ gunfire during the abduction.

In the video, Hersh appears to be saying things likely dictated by his captors as part of Hamas’s psychological terror tactics. Hersh was Born in California to Rachel and John. He was attending the “Nova” festival when the surprise Hamas attack occurred 201 days ago. His parents responded to the video, expressing a mix of relief at seeing their son alive and concern for his well-being and that of the other hostages.


Please pray that Hersh Goldberg-Polen and all other captives will be released soon.

Please pray for the captives to receive healing for their bodies and souls, including those who have been released.

Please pray for the families of the captives that they may find comfort and hope for the return of their loved ones.






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