Parashat Shemot (Names)

Shemot (Exodus) 1:1-6:1 This week, we begin studying a new book in the weekly parasha called Shemot (Exodus). The literal translation of the Hebrew is “Names”, which comes from Exodus 1:1: “These are the names of the sons of Israel who came to Egypt with Jacob, each with his household…” There are many various pearls of wisdom in this week’s portion, which are relevant to our lives … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayechi (And He Lived)

Beresheet (Genesis) 47:28-50:26 The Bible is God’s Word; it is one book starting from the book of Beresheet (Beginnings, also known as “Genesis”), and ending with the book of John’s Vision (also known as the Book of Revelation). Unfortunately, translations of the Bible have been separated into two books known as the “old” and “new” testaments. Apart from the fact that one does not make sense … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayigash (And He Approached)

Beresheet (Genesis) 44:18-47:27 Our lives are all a matter of perspective! Do we look at everything that happens in our lives from a self-centered perspective, or from a godly perspective? The answer my dear brothers and sisters is found in the way we live our lives, in the way we walk with God. In this week’s parasha, we see a man who had every right to be angry and bitter, who had every … [Read more...]

Parashat Mikeitz (From the End)

Beresheet (Genesis) 41:1-44:17 Joseph was a man of incredible godly character. In my previous blog entry [Parashat Vayeishev (And He Dwelt)] we learned of Joseph’s remarkable faithfulness to his God in spite of his circumstances and the extreme injustice that he suffered by his brothers and Potiphar’s wife. Joseph’s faith and obedience to God was tested through this temptation to sin with his … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayeishev (And He Dwelt)

Beresheet (Genesis) 37:1-40:23 This week we are learning about Joseph. Joseph was the youngest (and favorite) of Jacob’s 12 sons. Joseph’s brothers were very jealous of him because of their father’s love, which caused them to hate Joseph deeply. Joseph was indeed special; He knew his father’s God, Elohim, and had a very close relationship with the Lord. He began dreaming prophetic dreams at … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayishlach (And He Sent)

Beresheet (Genesis 32: 3 (4 in the Hebrew Bible)-36:43) Has the Lord ever asked you to do something that terrified you, or that seemed bigger than you? In our parasha this week, God commands Jacob to go back to the Land that He promised to Abraham and Isaac. Jacob had fled the land in fear of his life over 14 years prior, after he tricked his brother, Esau, out of his birthright. “And Jacob … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayeizei (And He Went Forth)

Beresheet (Genesis) 28:10-32:3 This week’s reading portion begins with the amazing account of Jacob’s dream, where God Himself reaffirms the unconditional covenant that He made with Abraham, Isaac, and now to Jacob: “Then Jacob departed from Beersheba and went toward Haran. And he came to a certain place and spent the night there, because the sun had set; and he took one of the stones of the … [Read more...]

Parashat Toldot (Offspring)

Beresheet (Genesis) 25:19-28:9 The God that we have put our faith in is a God of the impossible; He is faithful to His promises, regardless of what we see or understand. As we learned before, God chose Abraham for a very specific task, it is through Abraham and his descendants after him that God will show His unlimited faithfulness and grace, against all odds. In Parashat Beresheet, we see a … [Read more...]

Parashat Chayei Sarah (The Life of Sarah)

Beresheet (Genesis) 23:1 – 25:8 In my most recent blog entry, Parashat Vayeira (And He Appeared), I wrote that I love the account from the book of Genesis 18:9-15 for many reasons; it reveals to us something about God’s character, His faithfulness to fulfill His promises, His unlimited favor, grace, and power, and the greatness of His ability to do what man thinks is impossible. In this … [Read more...]

Parashat Vayeira (And He Appeared)

Beresheet (Genesis) 18:1 – 22:24 “Then they said to him, “Where is Sarah your wife?” And he said, “Behold, in the tent.” And he said, “I will surely return to you at this time next year; and behold, Sarah your wife shall have a son.” And Sarah was listening at the tent door, which was behind him. Now Abraham and Sarah were old, advanced in age; Sarah was past childbearing. And Sarah laughed to … [Read more...]