The Prophetic Passover Lamb

In honor of Passover, which begins Friday night at sundown, this week’s reading is the amazing story of Israel’s miraculous redemption from the hands of the Egyptians. There is so much I could write about … Read More

Yeshua & the Law

Our weekly portion starts with a precise description of a law that deals with someone who suffered from leprosy, and how he or she was to be cleansed from the disease. This portion directly connects … Read More

Mysteries in the Word

This week’s portion opens with an interesting yet mysterious ritual, which is actually the entire 12th chapter of Leviticus: Then the LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘When a … Read More

Be Holy!

Have you ever wondered why God gave Israel laws regarding food in the Bible? In this week’s portion, we read God’s instructions to Israel with regard to the animals that they can eat and cannot … Read More

Keep the Fire Burning!

I previously wrote on this Scripture portion, Parashat Tzav (Command), that the “HaOlah” sacrifice which means, “to go up”, has a deep connection to the work of Yeshua our Messiah. As I read this week’s … Read More

Without Excuse

This week’s Scripture portion gives us insight to a difficult question that I often hear: “What about those who don’t know the truth?” Believers in Messiah often wonder about those who may not have heard … Read More

God’s Glory

This week’s parasha (Scripture portion) brings us to the end of Exodus (Shemot), in which God’s truly awesome glory is revealed to and dwells among the children of Israel. I’ve previously written on this parasha, … Read More

Resting from the Daily Grind

I marvel at God’s Word and the amazing wisdom and insight that it contains! In it, we find instructions that are relevant until today, and that enrich our lives when applied. Before I continue sharing … Read More


This week, we read of one of the most well-known, yet tragic accounts in the history of the people of Israel. It begins with Moses on Mt. Sinai, receiving the stone tablets, which were written … Read More

Shine His Light

The weekly Scripture portion (parasha) starts with a very interesting verse that says: And you shall command the sons of Israel, that they shall take to you pure olive oil of crushed olives for the … Read More