Day 214 -The IDF took control of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Following intelligence reports of terrorist activity in the area, the IDF conducted a raid on the Rafah crossing in the southern Gaza Strip. The operation was coordinated with Egypt, and the IDF now maintains operational control of the region, with the Israeli flag raised at the site. During the raid, IDF forces successfully destroyed Hamas military targets, including buildings and underground infrastructure, neutralized 20 terrorists, and uncovered three tunnel shafts.

The IDF describes the operation as limited and phased, possibly halting it based on political developments and progress toward a deal.

The IDF’s action comes in response to Hamas’ announcement of agreeing to a ceasefire proposal as part of a comprehensive deal. However, Israel maintains that the proposal Hamas agreed to differs significantly from the one Israel accepted. A cabinet source suggests that Hamas is attempting to portray Israel as unwilling to compromise.


Please pray for the IDF soldiers stationed in Gaza for supernatural protection over them.

Please pray that the IDF and the political security leadership will continue to act wisely.

Please pray for the success of the military operation in Rafah and that all the captives will be released and return to their homes soon.





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