Day 208 – Brown University, yield to the demands of pro-Palestinian protesters

Brown University, a prestigious institution in Rhode Island, became the first U.S. academic institution to yield to the demands of pro-Palestinian protesters by agreeing to consider withdrawing investments from Israel in exchange for removing the protest tent from campus.

Severe clashes between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters occurred at universities across the United States, including Columbia University, where the NYPD evacuated those barricaded in Hamilton Hall, and UCLA, where riots and violent incidents were recorded. UCLA demanded that protesters vacate the “illegal” protest tent on campus, warning of consequences for non-compliance.

At the University of South Florida in Tampa, clashes between pro-Palestinian protesters and security forces were reported, with police using tear gas and possibly rubber bullets to disperse protests against the pro-Palestinian protest tent.


Please pray for the safety of Jewish students, that they may not come to harm.

Please pray for a firmer stance against the protesters from university leaders.

Please pray that, following the university’s surrender to the demands of the pro-Palestinians, other academic institutions will not follow suit.

Please pray for university administrators and other senior officials to take action against the violent demonstrations by pro-Palestinians.






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