Day 117 – Israel Prevents Mass Terror Attack

Various rumors on a coming hostage deal have been circulated, with several sources citing a preliminary agreement under which remaining civilian hostages would be released, followed by soldiers and lastly the bodies being held by … Read More

Day 115 – Rockets on Central Israel

Air raid sirens sounded this evening in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area for the first time since December 21. Hamas fired 11 rockets towards central Israel this evening, 7 of which were shot down … Read More

Day 114 – UNRWA Admits Hamas Complicity

UNRWA, the UN agency responsible for Palestinian refugee affairs, released a bombshell report over the weekend admitting the complicity – and even direct involvement – of several employees in the October 7th massacre. Of the … Read More

Day 111 – Hague Decision Expected Tomorrow

The International Court of Justice (ICC or ICJ) is expected to deliver a preliminary ruling tomorrow (Friday) on a ceasefire in Gaza. The preliminary ruling was in accordance with a South African request to put … Read More

Day 107 – Hamas Funds to be Frozen in Norway

Shockingly, until now, even during war, Palestinian tax returns have been transferred from Israel through the Palestinian Authority to Gaza. However, a new US-backed proposal will see the funds frozen in a Norwegian holding account … Read More

Day 104 – Hostages Share At Davos

Following extensive effort by the United States and France to achieve a lasting diplomatic solution to the clashes on Israel’s northern border, Hizballah has rejected the US plans to cool tensions, under which Hizballah would … Read More

Day 103 – 2 Hostages Dead in Captivity

Two hostages, kidnapped alive from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7th, were tragically confirmed dead today. Hamas has claimed they were killed in an IDF airstrike, which Israel says is not true; sadly it is much … Read More