Traffic in Israel

Many in Israel depend on the trains to get where they need to go. Pray for those doing maintenance on buses, taxis and trains in Israel. Pray also for drivers and those working on strategic … Read More

Anti-Israel Church Propaganda

One of the saddest forms of anti-Israel propaganda is that which is promoted within the church. Recent reports have indicated that one organization known as the World Council of Churches has been sending volunteers to … Read More

Israeli Arabs in Support of Israel

One of the primary anti-Israel claims is that the Arabs of Israel don’t stand with or believe in Israel. The reality is, however, that many Arabs live happily within Israel but are threatened by anti-Israel … Read More

Rain and Snow

Rain and snow are always welcome in Israel. This weekend, we’re expecting intermittent rain and snow into Sunday. February is typically the last of the especially rainy months in Israel each year. Please join us … Read More

The Flower Industry

More than 500 million flowers were exported from Israel in the past year. Also within Israel the flower industry has done well for itself. The flower industry is among a number of thriving agricultural endeavors … Read More

Ministerial to Promote Peace

The US is hosting a gathering in Warsaw this evening and next aimed at addressing the Iranian threat in the Middle East. The gathering is being referred to as the Ministerial to Promote a Future … Read More

Immigration of Ethiopian Jews

This past week, Israel welcomed dozens of Ethiopian Jews who are the first of a thousand approved to immigrate to Israel this year. A total of 8,000 Ethiopian Jews have been awaiting approval to immigrate … Read More

2 Dead, 41 Injured in Terrible Bus Crash

Early Sunday morning, a bus packed with passengers collided with a car in central Israel as people made their way to work and school. Two people died, and 41 were injured, while more injuries are … Read More