Obesity in Israel

Although Israel is among the 3 countries in the Middle East with the lowest occurrence of obesity, still one in four adults are obese in Israel. This is believed to be the result of things … Read More

New Immigrants

Jews from all over the world are returning to Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people. Many are coming to be reunited with other family members already living in Israel. Many others are seeking to … Read More

Teachings from Zion

Please pray for Moran during his travels this week. He speaks at a congregation already this upcoming Wednesday and will be traveling and speaking at a number of congregations for the next month (until August … Read More

Heat Wave

It is expected to be especially hot these next few days in Israel. Please pray for safety and protection both at home and when out and about in the heat.

Job Creation in Jerusalem

A major project is underway at one of the busiest entrances into Jerusalem that is expected to make a major public transportation hub even bigger 73-acres and a business quarter that will have a total … Read More

Traffic Jams in Jerusalem

Major traffic jams are expected in Israel as a construction project is underway that has one of the busiest entrances into Jerusalem closed for the next 3 years. Please pray for those affected by how … Read More

IDF Troops Wounded in Car Ramming

Five IDF soldiers were wounded Saturday when a Palestinian man crashed a car into the group, near the Hizma check point in East Jerusalem. The hitting driver was arrested overnight Saturday. The soldiers have all … Read More

Antisemitism and Aliyah

One thing that has been consistent throughout Israel’s history is that as antisemitism goes on the rise in the world, Jewish immigration to Israel (Aliyah) also goes up. Recent reports indicate that antisemitism is on … Read More

Israeli Medicine

Please join us in praying for Israeli medical personnel, researchers, and facilities. Israel has been a leader in the field of medical research and so too has become a hot spot for “medical tourism” (people … Read More

Riots in Israel

Please pray for those affected by rioting in Israel. Please pray for those affected by riots in Israel. Occasionally, an issue becomes a hot enough topic that people go out to protest. This week, after … Read More