A Spirit of Unity

Lord, raise up within Israel’s upcoming political leaders a likemindedness and a readiness to work together despite any differences they may have. Prepare the next political leaders of Israel to pursue righteousness for the people … Read More

High Voter Turnout

As we near the elections in the coming week, pray with us that many Israelis will choose to educate themselves on their voting options and will go to the polls as this is the only … Read More

Annexation of the Jordan Valley

This week, there has been talk in the news of annexing the Jordan Valley officially upon completion of the elections this next week. Although this is likely an attempt to win votes in the upcoming … Read More

Watchmen on the Wall

Pray with us for God to raise up increasingly more “watchmen” in each nation of the world who are dedicated to praying for Israel and the Jewish people.

Extremism in Education

Some 1.3 million Arabs school children in Judea and Samaria will be learning from extremist educational materials this year that idealize radical Islamic “martyrdom” and demonize Israel. None of the materials offered in the Arab … Read More

Oil Fire

Some 80 tons of sunflower and olive oil went up in flames in a factory in Haifa this evening. Some 18 firefighting teams have been dispatched to fight the flames and protect surrounding facilities from … Read More

Continuous Jewish Presence

Please pray for the continued perseverance of the Jews living in the land of Israel despite the continuous persecution they face from the rest of the world and even from many Arabs in the region. … Read More

The Lord is a Stronghold

“The Lord also will be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble” (Psalm 9:9). Protect the Jewish people from all the schemes of the enemy to destroy them. Expose anti-Semitism for … Read More

Return of the Jews to Israel

Father, bless all efforts to return your people to the land you promised so long ago. Bless those who take the bold step of leaving the country in which they now live in order to … Read More