Cost of Living

Electricity, food, water and rates are all set to increase in Israel in 2019. Please pray for Israeli households to be blessed and able to afford the increased cost of living. Please pray also for … Read More

Israel Railways

Since the launch of the pilot stage of the incomplete high-speed link in September, there have been twelve significant disruptions to the timetable due to technical problems affecting both the track and the trains’ electric … Read More

Hitchhiking in Israel

Hitchhiking has been a popular way for Israelis to get around since the early days of re-establishing the nation. There is a sense of brotherhood and trust between Israelis that has led to hitchhiking being … Read More

Anti-BDS in US Congress

Please pray for American lawmakers who as part of their end of the 2018 year budget discussions are considering directing funding towards an anti-Boycotting bill that would help to protect Israel from Anti-Israel BDS tactics.

Protection from Terrorism

In recent weeks, there have been a number of terrorist attacks that have led to the loss of innocent Israeli lives. Please join us in praying for protection from further attacks and for those responsible … Read More

Another Attack

Yet another terror attack was carried out today in Israel in which two of the victims died from their injuries. Another victim is in critical condition and one more is wounded. Pray for those who have … Read More

Baby of Terror Victim

The baby that was delivered prematurely as a result of the terror attack on Monday has died. The mother of the baby remains in intensive care. Please continue to pray for those affected by this … Read More

Protection and Effectiveness for IDF

As the IDF continues to unearth Hezbollah terror tunnels in northern Israel, Hezbollah is taunting the Israeli army with empty claims of Israeli vulnerability to attack. Please join us in praying for the effectiveness of … Read More

Israelis Gunned Down in Terror Attack

At least seven people were wounded Sunday by gunfire shot from a passing Palestinian vehicle near Ofra Junction: a 21-year-old pregnant woman was seriously wounded; her husband and another victim were moderately wounded; and four … Read More

BDS in Ireland

BDS, an effort to hurt Israel economically, is a daily battle for Israel and the people that live within her borders. Most recently, Ireland’s senate passed a pro-BDS bill. Please continue to join us in … Read More