Solidarity with Israel in Germany

This week, Germany banned the third neo-Nazi group in 2020 in an ongoing effort to combat this nasty ideology. Pray for Germany to be successful in ongoing efforts to uproot anti-Semitic groups such as neo-Nazis. … Read More

The Israeli Economy

Israel’s economy is struggling as the government refuses to reopen other portions of economy such as tourism & entertainment. Pray with us for those affected including ministries such as Hope for Israel that operate largely … Read More

Educators in Israel

Parents and educators in Israel have their work cut out for them as we close out the school year. Pray for both parents and educators to keep the education of the forefront of their attention … Read More

Iranian Aggression

Even in the midst of an epidemic, the Iranian regime is at work to find ways to build weapons for the destruction of Israel. Pray with us for God’s continued protection over this nation and … Read More

Visiting Israel

Tourism is at a standstill in Israel at least until June 21 when the situation will be reevaluated. Pray for those affected these decisions, including Hope for Israel as we continue to pray that the … Read More

Opening up

Event halls will open Sunday for weddings and religious events, and the beaches are so crowded that many of them are having to turn visitors away. Pray for wisdom and health in Israel as things … Read More

200 cases in single day

As more than 200 new cases of Coronavirus were discovered in a single day, some areas in Israel are experienced intensified measures to fight the outbreak and keep the death toll down as much as … Read More

Growing Frustration in Israel

There is growing frustration in Israel over the lack of government help for the many industries affected by COVID-19. Today, protestors from the entertainment industry blocked the entrance to Jerusalem in efforts to bring awareness … Read More

Politicizing the UN

Once more, the Palestinian Authority is collating to politicize the UN rather than come to the table to engage in peace talks. Pray for ongoing efforts to bring about productive talks and to end the … Read More