Egyptian President Invites PM Bennett

Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah-al-Sisi, invited Prime Minister Bennett for an official visit in the next few weeks. The last time a sitting Israeli Prime Minister traveled to Egypt was 2011, when Hosni Mubarak was in … Read More

Wildfires in Judean Hills

One of Israel’s largest wildfires in years has been raging just outside of Jerusalem. The fire began on Sunday and only Tuesday morning did fire fighters announce it was under control. It burned thousands of … Read More

Rocket Fired from Gaza

For the first time since Israel’s war with Hamas in May, Hamas fired a rocket into southern Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted the rocket and no physical injuries or damages were reported. Hamas claims they … Read More

Hezbollah Drone Shot Down

Israel has shot down numerous Hezbollah drones in its territory this past week. The Lebanese terrorist organization has been provoking Israel in various ways recently. Between sending operatives to breach the Israeli-Lebanese border, firing rockets … Read More

Israel Approves Drug for Treating COVID

An Israeli study conducted in Haifa hospital, Rambam, found that drug MesenCure gets 88% of COVID patients out of the hospital. This highly effective drug controls the cytokine storm that is often lethal for COVID … Read More

Pfizer Vaccine Loses Efficacy Over Time

A recent study conducted in Israel determined that the Pfizer vaccine loses its efficacy over time. The study found that the vaccine’s ability to prevent infection drops to 39%. It is still effective in preventing … Read More

Lebanon Attacks Israel, Again

Over the weekend, 19 rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted 10 of them, while another 6 fell into open areas. Three rockets missed their intended targets and fell in Lebanon. … Read More

Israeli Linoy Ashram Wins Gold

In a proud moment for Israel, Linoy Ashram won gold in Saturday’s Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tokyo. Linoy, 22 from Rishon LeZion in central Israel, became the first Israeli woman ever to win gold at the … Read More

Israeli Strike on Iran Possible

Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Benny Gantz, said that Israel is prepared to strike Iran, if necessary. Tensions between the two countries are incredibly high after Iran’s deadly strike on an Israeli-operated tanker in the Gulf … Read More

Israel Responds to Lebanese Attack

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck rocket launching sites in Lebanon in response to rockets that were fired into northern Israel. While no specific group has taken responsibility for the attack, Israel confirmed the rockets … Read More