Day 185 – Attempted Attack in the Jordan Valley

This morning, a female terrorist arrived at the Tayasir checkpoint in the Jordan Valley. After refusing to identify herself, she attempted to stab the IDF soldiers at the checkpoint. The soldiers responded and neutralized the … Read More

Day 175

Senior Hamas Official Eliminated – IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari reported that senior Hamas official Ra’ad Thabat, head of Hamas’ supply unit, was killed at the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. Thabat served … Read More

Day 167 – UK Threatens Israel with Arms Embargo

Great Britain told Israel that further military support is now conditional on Israel permitting Red Cross visits to Hamas October 7th terrorists in Israeli prison. The terrorists in question are those belonging to Hamas’ elite … Read More

Day 165 –

Israeli intelligence footage has shown ambulances traveling between Hizballah bases hours after Israeli strikes in the area could have injured operatives. As it is, the IDF’s Arabic Spokesman published this morning suspicions that Hizballah is … Read More

Day 164 – Hamas Returns to Al-Shifa Hospital

Four months after the IDF discovered a maze of terror tunnels under the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a second operation was launched overnight Monday. The operation was based on intel showing that senior Hamas … Read More

Day 163 – Gazans Shot While Awaiting Aid

On Thursday, 31 trucks bearing food and supplies entered northern Gaza where crowds of hungry civilians waited. Armed Palestinians – whose affiliation is unclear – opened fire on these people and continued to shoot at … Read More