Russia Condemns Israeli Strike in Syria

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov summoned Israeli Ambassador to Russia, Alex Ben-Zvi, in order to condemn Israel’s strike on Syria’s airport. The strike, which took place on June 10, seriously damaged Damascus International Airport’s … Read More

20,000 Work Permits for Palestinians

Israel has approved a measure to extend 20,000 more work permits to Palestinians living in the Judea & Samaria region. This work program, Israel says, helps to reduce terror attacks by giving Palestinians viable working … Read More

Liberia Opening Jerusalem Office

West African country Liberia will open an official office in Jerusalem. This will serve as a precursor to a full-fledged embassy in the future. Liberia is the 5th country to open a mission in Jerusalem, which … Read More

Israeli Arab Woman Murdered

A 28-year-old Israeli Arab was murdered when her car exploded in the northern city of Shafar’am. The woman, Johara Khnifes, was the daughter of the deputy mayor of the town, and was a well-known activist … Read More

Refusing to Recognize Israel

The Palestinian Authority is reportedly considering suspending its recognition of Israel ahead of President Biden’s visit to Israel. The goal is to put international pressure on Israel to acquiesce to Ramallah’s demands for a Palestinian … Read More

Israel’s Teachers Protesting

Israel’s elementary school teachers are on the verge of striking. They teachers ended school early on Monday, May 30th, to protest their low wages and difficult working conditions. Israel’s education system is burdened with a … Read More

Gaza Terror Groups Warn of Attack

Terror groups in the Gaza Strip warned they will attack Israel if the flag march goes ahead as planned on Jerusalem Day, May 29th. Ismail Haniyeh, a top Hamas official, stressed that the “resistance” would … Read More

Monkeypox in Israel

The Health Ministry confirmed two cases of monkeypox in Israel. In both cases, patients had just returned from western European countries. While Israel is not sounding the alarm, Health Ministry officials are convening in an … Read More

Israel’s Knesset in Crisis

Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) is in crisis. Just yesterday, another Member of Knesset (MK) resigned from the coalition, leaving the Opposition with a majority. MK Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi, from the left-wing Meretz party, sent a letter … Read More

Terror Attack Thwarted

Israel’s police reported they apprehended a Palestinian man in Judea & Samaria on suspicion of planning to carry out a terror attack. The man was arrested after an axe and a letter of intent to … Read More