Division of Powers

There has been an ongoing debate in Israel regarding division of powers ever since the Prime Minister of Israel was formally indicted and yet has continued in his position without resigning or facing trial. The … Read More

The Borders

Father, thank you for protecting the borders of Israel. Bless each and every soldier who is standing watch along the borders of Israel. Encourage our soldiers Lord as you come through in powerful ways.

Water in the Kinneret

The Kinneret (Israel’s biggest body of fresh water also known as “the Sea of Galilee”) is steadily filling up. It is now a mere 5 inches from being filled to the brim. Pray with us … Read More

Independence Day

This evening marks Israel’s 72 year as the only free Jewish state in the modern world. We thank God for His provision through the wars and terrorism and anti Semitic legislation and pray for His … Read More

Israel Remembers our Fallen Soldiers

Today, all of Israel remembers the men and women who have given their lives in defending our country. We also remember all the victims of terrorism throughout Israel’s 72 years. Please pray for God’s protection … Read More

Business Owners

Many business owners and people who are self employed have fallen through the cracks in an economy that is steadily declining due to the restrictions on business at this time. While employees are eligible for … Read More

Lightening Restrictions

As the government considers allowing most walk-in stores to reopen and restaurants at least for pick up, Father guide Israel in overcoming this pandemic and pushing through the crippling blow to the Israeli economy.

Anti-Semitism in Bible Translations

A recently released Bible translation in Denmark has replaced 59 out of 60 references to Israel in the New Testament. Pray that replacement theology will have no place in Bible translations.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Pray for all affected by the Holocaust, especially those still living to this day. Pray also that the memory of those who suffered in this horrific moment in history will not be lost. Pray for … Read More

Making Due

There are many families in Israel that are having to be much more creative in as business all over have been either shut down entirely or severely limited in operation. Pray for those who are … Read More