From Israel to Egypt

There have been a few times in ancient history where Israel has provided a variety of resources to Egypt. As of today, Israel is providing Egypt with natural gas. Lord, thank you for this new … Read More

A Heart for Israel

Lord, raise up among the nations a heart for Israel and people who will learn about this land and this people who you have been faithful to throughout the generations. Bring Israel into strong relationship … Read More

Israeli Innovation

Israel is a leader in developing innovative solutions in fields such as technology, business startups in emerging markets and medical research. Pray that God will continue to bless Israel with innovations that will be a … Read More

Record Rainfall

Israel broke a more than 50-year record for the highest amount of rainfall in northern Israel today. Pray that God will continue to bless Israel with abundant rainfall and replenish precious water resources. Please also … Read More

Influenza in Israel

This winter, the flu has proven somewhat deadly for some and nearly deadly for many others. Currently a three month old girl, among others is fighting for her life in the hospital because of the … Read More

Protection from Iran

Despite Israel’s strong connection to Iran in history, the current terrorist regime in control of Iran is intent on the destruction of Israel. Now with missiles that are deadlier than ever, pray with us that … Read More

Winter Colds & the Flu

Nearly 170 people have been hospitalized in Israel this winter from the Flu and nearly 20 have now died from it. Please pray for health in Israel, especially healing from the flu as it has … Read More


Pray for the effectiveness of Israel’s justice system in weeding out corruption. Please also pray for the justice system to be guarded from corruption.

Civil New Year

As we enter 2020, pray with us for a year of fresh and godly leadership in Israel, boldness for believers to proclaim the good news of Messiah, and peace in the Land.