Day 201 – Hamas and Islamic Jihad Rebuild Terror Infrastructure in Northern Gaza

It appears that since the IDF left the northern Gaza Strip, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad activists have already returned to rebuild their capabilities and reconstruct the terror infrastructure in the north. The military wing of Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility yesterday for the shooting towards Ashkelon and Sderot, which led to a fire in a private home’s storage room due to the impact of interception shrapnel. The organization seeks to signal that it maintains its capabilities even after 200 days of war. Both Islamic Jihad and Hamas have one clear goal – the destruction of the State of Israel by sowing widespread destruction and killing and exhausting the citizens of Israel. Therefore, the State of Israel must act to collapse Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Last night, the Prime Minister stated that in the coming days, the State of Israel will increase military pressure on Hamas. Israel plans to gradually transfer forces to Rafah and focus on areas where the security establishment believes Hamas leaders are hiding. Political and military officials claim that action in Rafah is a necessity – as Hamas still has four active military battalions there – out of the 24 battalions throughout the Strip, most of which have been dismantled.

Israel is preparing to transfer civilians from Rafah to nearby Khan Yunis, from which the maneuvering forces withdrew last month – as well as to additional areas, where it plans to set up shelters with tents, food distribution centers, and medical facilities, including a field hospital.

Please pray for protection for all IDF soldiers operating in Gaza.

Please pray for wisdom for the security forces to efficiently and swiftly bring about a decisive victory in the war against Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Please pray for wisdom for the security forces and the IDF during the transfer of civilians to a safe place and protection of civilians who are not involved in terrorist activities.





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