Day 213 – Holocaust survivors has been declining in recent years

Naturally, the number of Holocaust survivors has been declining in recent years, and it is possible that in less than a decade, there will be no more living survivors to tell and testify about what happened to them during the Holocaust. In advance of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is being observed today, the Holocaust Survivors’ Rights Authority published updated data on the survivors living in Israel. As of today, 133,362 survivors and victims of antisemitic persecution during the Holocaust are living.

Approximately 96% of the Holocaust survivors living with us today were children under the age of 18 during the Holocaust.

It is estimated that a quarter of Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line, and along with severe economic hardship, many Holocaust survivors in Israel also suffer from loneliness, which greatly exacerbates their situation.

Please pray for the well-being of the remaining Holocaust survivors, that their basic needs will be met during their final period of life.

Please pray that a solution will be found for the lonely Holocaust survivors.

Please pray that the state will act beyond what has been done so far for the benefit of Holocaust survivors.





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