Day 195 – ISIS operative planned to carry out an attack in the immediate future

Jerusalem Border Police undercover agents, along with IDF soldiers, Jerusalem Border Police canine units, the Israel Police Air Force, and the General Security Service (Shin Bet), which provided precise intelligence, prepared for an overnight operation in Beitunya. The forces operated covertly and openly, closing in on the building where the wanted suspect, an ISIS operative who intended to attack shortly, was located. The suspect attempted to flee the scene and was arrested by a Border Police undercover agent after trying to draw his weapon. After his arrest, he was transferred for further questioning by the Shin Bet.


Please pray for the security forces, that God will grant them additional wisdom to continue arresting terrorists from various terror organizations in the future as well.

Please pray for the security forces, for their protection and defense.

Please pray that every attempt to carry out terror attacks against the State of Israel will be thwarted and fail.





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