Day 198 – 198 Days of Fire in the North

The northern towns of Israel have been hit by over 3,000 rockets, hundreds of anti-tank missiles, and dozens of explosive drones from Hezbollah during the past six months of war. One such drone struck a community center last week, injuring 18 people.

Hezbollah’s attacks have forced the evacuation of 61,000 residents from the north, leaving a nearly abandoned area. The evacuations are approved until July 7, but there is no guarantee that residents will be able to return by then.

Despite military successes and international pressure, the strategic goal of pushing Hezbollah away from the border remains unachieved. Towns have suffered heavy damage to infrastructure and local businesses.


Please pray for the displaced residents of the north that they do not lose hope and that God gives them strength to continue living away from their homes, outside of their routine, and in the uncertainty that we all find ourselves in.

Please pray for the protection of the residents of the north who have remained in their settlements.

Please pray for the rehabilitation of the cities and communities that have been affected and for the complete recovery of the injured.





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