Day 187 – Iran has been smuggling weapons to Judea and Samaria

Iran has been smuggling weapons to Palestinian groups in Judea and Samaria, using secret routes across the Middle East involving Iranian agents, armed groups, and criminal organizations to stir unrest against Israel. The main smuggling routes are from Syria through Jordan using Bedouin smugglers, and from Syria through Lebanon into Israel. Advanced weapons like missiles and explosives are being smuggled, in addition to small arms. Recent Israeli airstrikes targeted Iranian intelligence divisions involved and attempts to smuggle rockets and other weapons have been thwarted.

Please pray for wisdom for the security forces that they will succeed in preventing the entry of weapons that Iran wants to smuggle into Judea and Samaria. Please pray for protection and wisdom for the security forces as they guard the nation’s borders. Please pray for no escalation on any fronts and protection for the civilians.

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