Day 191 – Missile Attack from Iran on the State of Israel

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, Iran launched an unprecedented attack on the State of Israel, marking the first time the Islamic Republic directly targeted the Jewish state with a barrage of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, over three hundred ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and UAVs were fired at Israel, with Israel’s advanced defense systems, developed over the past thirty years, successfully intercepting 99% of the incoming projectiles. Military experts suggest that Iran employed sophisticated weaponry that Israel has not previously encountered, with some speculating that these weapons likely have greater range and speed compared to those Israel has faced in the past.

Although the vast majority of the missiles and UAVs were neutralized, a small number managed to penetrate Israeli territory. Tragically, a young girl was injured when shrapnel from a rocket struck her home, causing head wounds. Additionally, minor damage was reported at an air force base located in southern Israel.

Please pray for our leaders, members of the War Cabinet and the Political-Security Cabinet, and heads of the military and security agencies that they may receive wisdom on how to manage the situation.

Please pray for the girl who was injured in her head for complete healing and a speedy recovery.

Please pray for the children who experienced fear and anxiety from the missile attack on us. And for all Israel’s citizens, we may all find comfort and peace in God.

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