Day 192 – Israel’s Dilemma: Whether to Respond to Iran’s Missile Attack or Not

The War Cabinet is meeting today to discuss Israel’s response to the Iranian attack, amid international pressure to refrain from retaliating. The U.S. and other countries have called for de-escalation.

The Iranian attack surprised many, and the fact that it originated from Iranian soil is a kind of declaration of war. Iran has warned Israel not to respond, or else face severe consequences.

The world is urging Israel not to respond, presenting an opportunity to create an international coalition against Iran, which could have implications for normalization with Saudi Arabia.

Israel is buying time, asserting that the decision to respond is theirs alone. IDF officials recommend responding to maintain deterrence, but a low-key response may be preferable to avoid losing the international coalition.

The failure of the Iranian attack, with most missiles and drones intercepted or not reaching their targets, allows Israel time to decide how to act. Had the attack been successful, an immediate response would have been necessary to restore deterrence.


Please pray for our leaders, members of the War Cabinet and the Political-Security Cabinet, and heads of the military and security agencies that they may receive wisdom on how to manage the situation.

Please pray that Israel’s allies continue to stand with Israel and support her.

Please pray for protection for all residents of the State of Israel.




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