Day 194 – missile and drone launches targeting Israel by the Hezbollah

The reports of missile and drone launches targeting Israel by the terrorist organization Hezbollah are becoming more frequent and alarming. Hezbollah’s actions have grown increasingly aggressive and intense, posing a significant threat to Israeli civilians and infrastructure. Just today, eighteen innocent people were injured in a heinous attack, One person is defined as being in critical condition and was transferred to the operating room, and two are in serious condition. Hezbollah’s bold claim of responsibility for the assault, coupled with their explicit mention of using anti-tank missiles and drones, clearly indicates a deliberate and coordinated strike aimed at harming Israeli citizens.


Please pray for the injured for their complete healing and speedy recovery.

Please pray for the protection of the residents of the north and all the residents of Israel.

Please pray for the security forces and the government for wisdom and understanding on how to act to stop the crimes of terrorist organizations.





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