Day 188 – Preparing for a Potential Iranian Retaliation

Senior Israeli and American officials have been actively coordinating and consulting at the highest levels in recent days to prepare for a potential Iranian retaliation. The heightened collaboration comes as Israel braces for the scenario of an unprecedented missile attack emanating from Iranian territory.

According to a senior Israeli official, Israel has conveyed to the United States its readiness to help defuse tensions with Iran through backchannel warnings as well as public statements and demonstrations of military might in the region. The official stated that Israel and the U.S. have ramped up cooperation on defense systems to counter potential Iranian missile and drone strikes.

Should Iran follow through with a major attack, Israel has made clear it stands ready to respond forcefully against the any attack from Iran. Defense Minister Gantz said in response: “We need to be prepared and ready for any scenario and any threat, against near enemies and against distant enemies”.


Please pray for thwarting any Iranian attempt to harm Israel. Please pray that Israel’s security forces and diplomatic officials will act wisely in the face of the Iranian threat.  Please pray for the protection of Israel’s residents.

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