Day 193 – The Plight of Israeli Captives in Gaza

One hundred and ninety-three days have passed since the Israeli captives have been held by Hamas. The terror organization is holding its captives in harsh conditions, and all that is known about their current situation is from the testimonies of survivors who returned in previous prisoner exchange deals or the few who were rescued alive by the IDF.

The pain of the captives’ families is immense; we know almost nothing about the condition of the captives, except for the work that the young women are going through, abuse, torture, and sexual harassment every day, as well as the men.

The State of Israel has no information about the captives; it is not known under what conditions they are being held and what traumas they are experiencing.

From the testimonies of those returning from captivity, they talk about harsh conditions of hunger and humiliation. Some of them talk about the trauma that will probably accompany them all their lives.

Please pray for the captives in Gaza, that they may receive inner strength to survive until their release.

Please pray for the families who are suffering from the absence of their loved ones, that they may receive strength to continue the struggle and find comfort and peace.

Please pray for the men, women, and children who have been released from captivity for deep healing from the trauma they have experienced.





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