European Double Standards on Anti-Semitism

A recent study found that many of the same countries who accepted the 2016 International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism – which labels certain forms of criticism against Israel as anti-Semitic – are … Read More

Four-Year-Old Killed In Landslide

On Thursday morning a surprise rockslide at the oasis national park of Ein Gedi killed a four-year-old boy and injured around 14 other people, including other children. Ein Gedi, located on the shores of the … Read More

Two Arab Politicians Assassinated

As previously mentioned, the rate of internal Arab crime in Israel surged during 2023. While the trend is not new (Arab sector crime has been rising for several years), this year the situation has become … Read More

Three Killed in Two Terror Attacks Days Apart

Two consecutive terror attacks, Saturday night and Monday morning, took the lives of three Israelis and left one seriously injured. The attacks both occurred in Palestinian areas notorious for past terror attacks. In the first … Read More

IDF Soldier Slightly Injured in Jenin

An arrest operation in the Palestinian city of Jenin Thursday morning resulted in the death of a Palestinian operative and the slight injury of an IDF soldier. IDF forces arrested two other operatives. The injured … Read More

Two Firefighters Killed in Rescue Attempt

In a tragic and irregular incident, two firefighters were killed during a rescue operation near the northern village of Deir al-Assad. The firefighters responded to a call that a local (illegal) worker had fallen into … Read More

Three Injured in Factory Explosion

Three Israelis were injured, one seriously, after an explosion shook the site of an abandoned military factory Monday evening. The explosion is the fourth incident at the site in recent months, and locals claim that … Read More