Civil Unrest in Israel

Thousands of protestors rallied in Jerusalem against PM Netanyahu Tuesday night. Many in Israel are angry over his handling of the Coronavirus outbreak and corruption allegations. The protests turned violent and dozens of protestors were … Read More

Israeli Nurses Strike

The National Association of Nurses began a strike in protest of the lack of manpower shortages during the Coronavirus pandemic. Beginning today, all non-urgent surgeries will be postponed and outpatient clinics will operate in an … Read More

Israel Close to Second Lockdown

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein announced that Israel would be heading back into full lockdown, unless there is a “miracle”. The number of Coronavirus cases has risen to 1,800 per day, which is cause for serious … Read More

Unemployment Rate at 21.1%

Currently, 855,127 Israelis are unemployed due to the pandemic’s effect on the economy. In March, before the COVID-19 outbreak in Israel, unemployment was at 3.4% ; this is now the highest level of unemployment in … Read More

Transportation Ministry Adds New Restrictions

Due to the sharp increase of Coronavirus infections, the Ministry of Transportation is limiting the number of bus passengers to 30 for city busses. For inter-city busses, only 32 passengers will be allowed to ride. … Read More

Israel Forms “Civil Coronavirus Cabinet”

Knesset member, Naftali Bennett, announced the formation of a civil Coronavirus cabinet comprised of experts from sectors of Israel’s health & economic professions. The cabinet was formed in response to the government’s inability to address … Read More