Smoking Ban

Please pray for effective implementation of a ban on advertising tobacco products that was passed this week in the Israeli parliament. Tobacco products will now be required to be packaged in a muddy brown color … Read More

Recognition as Jews

According to data released by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the country’s population grew by 173,600 people last year. There was a net surplus of 32,600 new immigrants (deducting those who emigrated). Only 39% of … Read More

Combatting Prostitution

Please pray for recent legislation in Israel that aims to combat prostitution. The Knesset passed legislation yesterday to impose fines on anyone who pays for prostitution. The bill will also be accompanied by a rehabilitation … Read More

The Gaza Border Fence

The IDF is preparing for a tense weekend along the Gaza border fence following terrorist organizations in the strip declaring this Friday to be a “test day”. Please pray for effectiveness in deterring rioting and … Read More

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is spreading today from northern Israel all the way to the center of the country as temperatures drop. Snow is also expected to fall on Mt. Hermon. As always, there is a concern … Read More

Hezbollah Terror Tunnels

In Israel’s ongoing effort to destroy all terror tunnels from Lebanon, it has now been announced that a fifth tunnel has been exposed and destroyed. As a large section of each tunnel stretches into Lebanon, … Read More

Confronting Hezbollah

An airstrike was carried out tonight targeting Iran and Hezbollah’s arms depots located southwest of Damascus shortly after the terror group’s officials had boarded a plane bound for Tehran. One of the main targets of … Read More

Israel Heading for Early Elections

Israel’s government will dissolve on Wednesday, December 26th. The people of Israel will go to the polls on April 9, 2019 to vote on a Prime Minister. Because Israel does not have term limits, Benjamin … Read More

US Peace Plan

US Ambassador to the UN has announced this week that the US will be unveiling their peace plan for Israel. Please pray that this plan is wise and if wise then well-received. Pray that no … Read More

NerYah Youth

Please join us in praying for the youth in NerYah, our citywide youth group in Jerusalem. The youth face a number of challenges as believers and just with the way the world is changing today. … Read More