Netanyahu Gives Up

PM Netanyahu hosted a press conference on Tuesday stating he will not try to form a government. Instead, he seeks to have a direct election where the Prime Minister will be elected. Netanyahu no longer … Read More

Tensions in Southern Israel

After a long period of quiet, Hamas fired projectiles into southern Israel over the weekend. To date, Hamas indiscriminately fired 40 rockets over the past four days. Four people were lightly hurt while running for … Read More

Violent Clashes Between Jewish & Arab Youth

Groups of Jewish and Arab youth recently clashed in a downtown Jerusalem cafe. The popular Aroma cafe, which is known to host both Jewish and Arab clients alike, was the site of the violence. Tensions … Read More

Syria Attacks Israel

Syria launched a missile at Israel that fell in the Negev Desert. The IDF described the weapon as a surface-to-air missile, which is usually used for air defense against warplanes or other missiles, that flew … Read More

Sudan Repeals Boycott Law

Sudan repealed its 1958 law that boycotted diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.The move is meant to pave the way for diplomatic relations with Israel. This is yet another predominantly Muslim country that is making … Read More

Israel to Scrap Outdoors Mask Mandate

Beginning Sunday, Israelis will no longer be required to wear masks outdoors. After one year of being required to do so, Israelis are one step closer to emerging from the pandemic. This is great news! … Read More

Memorial Day

Today is Israel’s Memorial Day. We remember our fallen soldiers as well as victims of terror. On this day, a two-minute siren sounds and the country comes to a stop. Whatever people are doing, they … Read More

Iran Attempts to Lure Israelis

The Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, reported that Iranian agents tried to lure Israelis abroad in an attempt to harm or kidnap them. The agency released a statement that said, “Their method is based on using … Read More

Iran Blames Israel for Nuclear Plant Outage

Iran blames Israel for the incident that happened at the Iranian nuclear facility, Natanz, on Sunday. Iranian officials have vowed revenge. While Israel has not officially taken credit for the power outage that set back … Read More

Israel Refuses to Recognize ICC

Israel will tell the ICC that it does not recognize its authority. This comes as the ICC begins a probe into war crimes by both Israel and Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. By not … Read More