Anti-Israel Bias

The UN Human Rights Council, published a blacklist yesterday of Jewish companies operating in Judea and Samaria (what they call “the West Bank), voted to accept 18 resolutions condemning Israel in 2019; in contrast, just … Read More

The Blacklist

Today the United Nations published its long anticipated controversial blacklist of businesses that operate in Jewish areas in Judea and Samaria. This list is aimed at discouraging doing business with Israeli businesses in the region. … Read More

Rocket Fired

A rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza this evening. Lord, thank you for your protection over those living in southern Israel. Bring healing to their hearts as they face the ongoing threat of terrorist … Read More

Wage Gaps

As Israel continues to await a new government, the wage gaps in key roles in Israeli society continue to go without being addressed. For instance, the pay of teachers and doctors as compared to security … Read More

Terror attack

At least 12 Golani Brigade soldiers were wounded overnight in a terror attack. Father, bring healing to these soldiers and justice to this situation.

The Poor of Israel

Father, help the poor of Israel. Bring healing to those with emotional trauma. Bring restoration to those with physical disabilities. And most of all, bring your light to those in need through people who love … Read More

Weapons Smuggling Thwarted

Israel’s secunity forces released for publication today a description of a recent foiled attempt by terrorists to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. Father, thank you for your hand of protection over Israel. Bless Israel’s … Read More

PTSD Along the Border with Gaza

Israelis living closest to Gaza have just 15 seconds to get themselves and their families to a safe room. Doing this repeatedly increases stress levels among almost everyone living there and many struggle with PTSD. … Read More

Balloons and Snipers

Multiple explosive balloons were launched towards southern Israel and snipers fired against an IDF observation post. Father protect those who bravely stand guard along the borders of this nation.


Father, thank you that Israel is finally being supported and encouraged by another nation (the US) to annex areas of Judea and Samaria as officially part of sovereign Israeli territory. Bless those involved in this … Read More