Dangerous Heat Wave in Israel

As a major heat wave hits Israel, numerous fires have broken out in Israel due to a major heat wave in the region. Also, even in areas where fires have not broken out, many people … Read More

Anti-Semitic Vandalism

A number of anti-Semitic attacks have taken place recently that are somewhat unsettling. Vandalism has been especially bad in recent days. Pray with us for God to comfort all who have been targeted by anti-Semitism.

Recognition of the Capital of Israel

Today marks two years since the US became the first nation in recent times to move its embassy back to Jerusalem in recognition of the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the state of … Read More

Protection over the Attorney General

The attorney general of Israel has often received threats and slander because of his boldness to indict the prime minister of corruption charges but last night he saw immensely worse abuse and threats than in … Read More

Negotiating Government Positions

The next government coalition in Israel is expected to be sworn in this Thursday at 1pm. Please join us in praying for any conversations that will need to take place by then.

Return to School

Although many children have returned to school on at least a part time basis, tens of thousands have not due to disagreements among school administrators and teachers with the government. Pray for students in Israel … Read More

Iran Hacked Israel’s Water Authority

Iran is reportedly behind an attack last month of Israel’s water facilities. The attack targeted several Water Authority facilities and was thwarted by the authority’s cyber division, according to an internal departmental report. According to … Read More

Declining Health

Recent reports indicate that over 300,000 Israelis have experienced declining physical health in connection with the pandemic and the response to it in Israel. Over 2 million Israelis have experienced a decline in mental health … Read More

The 35th Government Coalition of Israel

This evening it was officially agreed that the 35th government coalition of Israel will be sworn into office next week after the Supreme Court of Israel ruled this evening that problematic elements within the coalition … Read More

Resuming Travel

Numerous airlines are now resuming service to and from Israel. Pray for those affected by the travel restrictions until now to find ways to responsibly take advantage of travel services now available.