Israel OK’s 4th Booster shot

Israel’s Health Ministry gave the green light to give a 4th booster shot to people over 60 and those who are immunocompromised. While this method has not been tested for safety, it seems this is … Read More

One Fourth of Israeli Households in Poverty

A prominent Israeli non-profit organization recently reported that almost one fourth of Israeli households are in danger of falling into poverty. The lower end of Israel’s disappearing middle class has been especially hard hit by … Read More

Hamas, PIJ Vow Attacks on Israelis

Iranian-backed groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) reportedly committed to work together to coordinate terror attacks on Israeli targets. The deal was reached during recent meetings between Hamas and PIJ officials in Lebanon and … Read More

Israel to Deliver COVID Shots to Africa

Israel will deliver 1 million AstraZeneca COVID vaccines to African countries in the coming weeks. This is part of a program developed by COVAX, which is a global initiative aiming to provide COVID vaccines to … Read More

Tehran Times Publishes Targets in Israel

An Iranian newspaper published a map threatening Israel with missile attacks pinned on numerous potential targets. Some of the pins are located in Lebanese territory and on Palestinian cities, which is quite puzzling. The headline … Read More

Inclement Weather Ahead

Israel is set to get dumped with a lot of rain in the coming days. After a short dry spell and unseasonably high temperatures, the country will see a return of winter weather. Heavy rain … Read More

US & Israel Discuss Military Action on Iran

As diplomacy seems to have hit a wall between Iran and Western countries, Israel and the USA are discussing military action on Iran. US and European officials have expressed concern at Iran’s sweeping demands during … Read More

Israeli Woman Stabbed in Jerusalem

An Israeli woman was stabbed while walking her children to school early Wednesday morning. The assailant, a Palestinian teenager, was caught hiding in a nearby school. The attack occurred in the disputed Sheik Jarrah neighborhood … Read More

COVID Cases Rising in Israel

Israel posted its highest daily infection rate since October as Omicron variant spreads.The virus’ reproduction number (R), which shows how many people are infected on average by one virus carrier, now stands at 1.02. The … Read More

Ramming Attack at Israeli Checkpoint

An Israeli security guard was seriously wounded in a suspected ramming attack at the Te’enim checkpoint. The assailant was a 16-year-old Palestinian Arab boy from Nablus. He was shot and later died at the hospital. … Read More