Population of Israel Growing

On eve of Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), Israel’s population tops 9 million. Although overpopulation is a concern in many nations today, it is reassuring to see the population of Israel growing amidst the immense … Read More

Coalition Talks

Representatives of Likud and Blue and White held their first coalition talks earlier today. Please continue to pray for efforts to form a coalition. Pray that the right coalition will form and that this will … Read More

Israeli Medical staff

Join us in praying for the staff of Israel’s medical system. They serve not only Israeli citizens but also arabs from surrounding Muslim nations in need of urgent and advanced surgeries, as well as westerners … Read More

Road Safety

There have been a number of fatal and nearly fatal traffic accidents lately in Israel. Please pray for road congestion to be addressed effectively among Israeli policy makers. Pray also for those affected by less … Read More

Forming a Coalition

The votes are in and now the work of forming a coalition has begun. Pray with us that a productive coalition who will form that will bring about righteous reform in Israel.


Today is Election Day in Israel. Pray for high voter turnout and for the elections to bring about much needed reforms in Israel today.

A Spirit of Unity

Lord, raise up within Israel’s upcoming political leaders a likemindedness and a readiness to work together despite any differences they may have. Prepare the next political leaders of Israel to pursue righteousness for the people … Read More

High Voter Turnout

As we near the elections in the coming week, pray with us that many Israelis will choose to educate themselves on their voting options and will go to the polls as this is the only … Read More

Annexation of the Jordan Valley

This week, there has been talk in the news of annexing the Jordan Valley officially upon completion of the elections this next week. Although this is likely an attempt to win votes in the upcoming … Read More