Political Climate in Israel

This week, for the first time in Israeli history, a coalition was not formed in the amount of time permitted by law and so the Knesset (Israeli parliament), by a majority vote, decided to hold … Read More

Hezbollah Terror Tunnel Destroyed

The Israeli military completed the destruction of Hezbollah flagship tunnel today that was found during the IDF’s Operation Northern Shield. Please pray for continued success of the IDF as they remain hard at work protecting … Read More

Forming a Coalition or Not

Today, Netanyahu is striving to form a coalition before his time is up (at midnight) and if he fails to do this, he hopes to get the parliament to dissolve the government so that new … Read More

Netanyahu Coalition Talks at Impasse

Re-elected PM Netanyahu is losing time to form a coalition. The Wednesday deadline looms large, and there are signs he may not be able to successfully form the next Knesset. If not successful, Netanyahu may … Read More

Heat Wave and Fires

Pray for restoration for those who lost their homes this week in the fires caused by the extreme dry heat (sharav) sweeping through Israel and for protection from and prevention of any more fires.

Incendiary Balloons

Flaming balloons sent from Gaza today ignited fires throughout southern Israel, threatening to break the fragile informal truce between Israel and Hamas in advance of anticipated border riots on tomorrow. Please pray for peace and … Read More

Hamsin has Arrived

Very warm and dry air has hovered over Israel in recent days, and on Thursday and Friday in Tel Aviv the temperature is expected to rise to around 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit). Please join … Read More

Ramadan in Israel

It was the beginning of Ramadan that saw over 600 rockets being shot into Israel from Gaza just 2 weeks ago. Although most Muslims would claim that Ramadan is a time for generosity and peace, … Read More

Protection in Light of the Iranian Threat

Iran continues to threaten to attack Israel. Please pray for Israeli security forced and for all efforts to stop Iranian plans for attacking Israel before they ever come to fruition.