Day 179 – Iranian Commander Assassinated in Syria

  • Iranian Commander Assassinated in Syria – In a bold attack deep within the heart of Damascus, Iranian Quds Force commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi, also known as Hassan Mahdavi, was assassinated. The attack targeted a building allegedly belonging to the Iranian embassy in the Al-Mazza neighborhood, completely destroying the structure adjacent to the embassy and killing Mahdavi along with his deputy Haji Rahimi and five other officers. Footage from the scene confirmed the surgical nature of the attack, leaving the adjoining embassy building unscathed and avoiding harm to other nearby buildings. Israel has denied responsibility for the strike.

Please pray as Israel and all Israeli embassies are on high alert after Iran has threatened a severe response. Please also pray for our soldiers who are already being moved to the northern border in the event that war breaks out. 

  • World Central Kitchen (WCK) Aid Workers Killed in Gaza – According to Palestinian reports, at least seven people were tragically killed in an airstrike in Deir al-Balah in the center of the Gaza Strip. According to the reports, the seven worked as employees of the international aid organization “World Central Kitchen”. The IDF responded to the reports saying that “we are conducting a thorough examination at the highest levels to understand the circumstances in which this tragic incident took place. The incident will be investigated in the Fact Finding and Assessment Mechanism: an independent, professional, and expert body. The IDF invests a lot of effort to enable the safe delivery of humanitarian aid and has worked closely with WCK in its efforts to provide food and humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.”

Please pray for the families and loved ones of those killed in this tragic attack. Please also pray that Israel will quickly uncover what happened. Please continue to pray for the people of Gaza who are in a humanitarian crisis, especially since Hamas steals much of the aid sent to Gaza.

  • Knesset Hearing on Abuse of Hostages – An emergency discussion was held about the condition of women still held hostage in the Gaza Strip by Hamas. In a Knesset committee meeting on Tuesday to promote women’s status and gender equality, two released hostages Maya Regev & Sharon Aloni-Cunio, testified of the abuse they both suffered while in captivity for 50 days. “Every woman there experiences sexual harassment,” said Regev during the discussion. “I returned after 50 days, and I am dealing with things,” Regev continued. “I do not want to describe what they are going through there for 179 days. Your role is to bring them home, the role of the state that disappointed us once. We need your help. All the families here cry out every day. How is that reasonable? I was lucky and returned home. What about them?” Aloni-Cunio also urged the lawmakers to not forget about the men in captivity, stating that they undergo horrific abuse.

Please continue to pray for the IMMEDIATE release of our hostages who are suffering unimaginable horrors every day at the hands of Hamas and other terror groups. Bring them home NOW!



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