Day 164 – Hamas Returns to Al-Shifa Hospital

Four months after the IDF discovered a maze of terror tunnels under the Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a second operation was launched overnight Monday. The operation was based on intel showing that senior Hamas officials were again using the hospital. The operation is being carried out with extreme caution to ensure the continued operation of the hospital itself and the protection of civilians, who have been requested to leave the area.

Israel’s government has officially approved a National Day of Remembrance for October 7th , which will be observed yearly on the 24th of Tishrei, the Hebrew date corresponding to October 7th, 2023.

Congress has ordered three prominent US universities to expose records of their financial dealings with Qatar. The wealthy Gulf state is believed to have donated significant sums to the universities in exchange for increasing campus influence which some have tied to rising anti-Semitism.

Israel’s Security Cabinet approved late last night the participation of an Israeli delegation in hostage talks in Qatar. The head of Israel’s Mossad, who will take part in the negotiations, said to lower expectations for a speedy agreement. He reminded people that Hamas intentionally maintains unrealistic standards and is difficult to work with.

Please pray for increasing deterrence against Hamas throughout Gaza and for protection over Israeli forces operating throughout the Strip. Please pray for accountability for campus anti-Semitism throughout the world. Lastly, please pray for the immediate release of all the hostages!

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