Day 165 –

Israeli intelligence footage has shown ambulances traveling between Hizballah bases hours after Israeli strikes in the area could have injured operatives. As it is, the IDF’s Arabic Spokesman published this morning suspicions that Hizballah is taking advantage of the medical vehicles as a cover for terror activity, including transferring weapons and healthy operatives between bases, a violation of international law.

Two members of the Israeli security forces were injured in a shooting terror attack at a checkpoint in the Gush Etzion bloc just outside Jerusalem. The terrorist was neutralized and both injured individuals were evacuated conscious for medical treatment.

The Houthis claim to have fired towards Eilat; the IDF has not confirmed or denied the claim and no sirens were heard in the Red Sea resort town.

Two individuals were detained in Germany for allegedly planning a terror attack on the Swedish Parliament. Both individuals were of Afghani extraction and were suspected members of ISIS.

Please pray for healing for the two injured security officers. Please pray for recognition of Hizballah’s violations of international law. Lastly, please pray for deterrence against terror in Israel and throughout the world.

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