Day 167 – UK Threatens Israel with Arms Embargo

Great Britain told Israel that further military support is now conditional on Israel permitting Red Cross visits to Hamas October 7th terrorists in Israeli prison. The terrorists in question are those belonging to Hamas’ elite “Nukhba” force, who committed the most barbaric atrocities against civilians on October 7th, including kidnap, rape and torture. Israel has said that it is allowed under international law to refuse Red Cross visits to the prisoners – as it has done until now – over security concerns.

After several tense days with fewer attacks on the northern border, Hizballah launched fresh rocket barrages yesterday evening and this afternoon.

70 American officials, diplomats and former military officials wrote an open letter to the president calling on him to warn Israel of “serious consequences” if certain conditions were not met, including in Israeli civil and military policy in Judea and Samaria.

A missile was shot down this evening over Eilat. The details of the incident, which comes days after a UAV fell north of the resort town, are still unclear.

A group of Palestinians were arrested by Israeli authorities after they demolished the ruins of a Jewish community dating to the Roman period and built a parking lot on the site. The crime was likely a deliberate attempt to cover over Jewish connections to Judea and Samaria which pre-date Arab connections to the area.

Please pray for increasing international support of Israel’s military operation in Gaza. Please pray for continued and increasing calm on Israel’s northern border. Lastly, please pray for renewed calm in the Eilat area.

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