Day 177 – Hamas Concealed Weapons in the Maternity Ward

According to the IDF spokesperson, Nahal Brigade reconnaissance troops they found a substantial arsenal hidden in the maternity ward of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, including dozens of mortar shells, explosives, sniper rifles, Kalashnikovs, handguns, charges, magazines, mortars, and additional ammunition. These weapons were hidden in pillows, patient beds, ceilings, and walls throughout the ward.

This incident highlights Hamas’ problematic tactic of hiding weapons and terrorists within civilian infrastructure, particularly in sensitive locations such as hospitals and maternity wards, putting innocent lives at risk.

Stabbing Attack in Be’er Sheva – An off-duty IDF officer, 20 years old, was stabbed and lightly injured near the station. Another young man of similar age suffered an anxiety attack due to the incident. The attacker, identified as a resident of Rahat in southern Israel, was subdued and neutralized at the scene by security forces.

Fallen Hero – Tragically, in a separate incident, Sergeant First Class Alon Kudriashov, a 21-year-old soldier from the Egoz Unit, lost his life when a terrorist fired an RPG missile at his force. The attack, which occurred at approximately 10:00 AM in the Al-Amal neighbourhood of western Khan Yunis, also wounded 16 other soldiers, six of them critically. The Commando Brigade has conducted multiple raids in this area over the past five days. Please pray for Alon’s loved ones as they mourn his death.

Please continue to pray for Israel as we face this difficult and costly war. Please also pray for the innocent people in Gaza who are greatly suffering from a war that Hamas brought upon them. Lastly, please pray for the Lord’s wisdom for Israel’s leaders as they face difficult decisions regarding this war.

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