UPDATE: Investing in the Future Generation

Partner with us!Israeli youth have been stuck at home for the better part of 2020. Three lockdowns in Israel have caused feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even depression in many youth. Between distance learning at … Read More

Thank You Letter — December 2020

Shalom from Jerusalem! Thank you for helping to bless believing soldiers in Israel! It’s been a tough year, to say the least. Here in Israel, one population group that has been greatly affected by the … Read More

Supplies for Students

Support “Supplies for Students”The 2020/20201 academic year is starting! But, COVID-19 has forced university students to learn from home. This means students not only require a computer to attend online classes, but also printers, scanners, … Read More

September 2020 Update

Shalom from Jerusalem! I want to thank you for being a practical source of blessing to young adult believers in Israel! It’s hard to believe that the academic year is here. Students, young and old, are … Read More

August 2020 Update

Shalom from Jerusalem! I want to thank you for partaking in our goal to come alongside young adult believers in Israel. Our vision for investing in the future generation of Israel is comprehensive; we believe … Read More

July 2020 Update

Shalom from Jerusalem! It’s hard to believe we are halfway through 2020 and that the academic year is already over. It has been a tough year no doubt, especially for the youth of the NerYah … Read More

NerYah Leadership Team

We are grateful for the amazing NerYah leadership team who mentored and guided the high school youth this past academic year! It was a tough year due to the Coronavirus, but they persevered and kept … Read More

Graduates Mentoring Students

We encourage university graduates who have successfully completed their studies to mentor current students in our scholarship program. The idea is to have them lead small groups of students in their specific academic field to … Read More

Care Packages for Shavuot

We love to bless our soldiers! For the Shavuot holiday, we hand delivered 51 packages, personally packed by our staff, and filled with goodies. 14 of those packages were for lone soldiers, all of whom … Read More

Care Packages for Lone Soldiers

Israel’s soldiers are quarantined on their bases due to COVID-19. Most soldiers haven’t seen home in over one month, and those fortunate few who have been released have had only a day or two at … Read More