UPDATE: Supporting our Believing Soldiers


This past Friday night we had the special opportunity to bless a believing lone soldier, Tali*, in a unique way!

A few weeks ago, Tali lost her sense of taste and subsequently tested positive for Covid-19. She was transferred to a “Corona Hotel” in Jerusalem in order to quarantine away from both her army unit and the other lone soldiers with whom she lives.

Quarantine, even in a large hotel, quickly brings about feelings of loneliness, and this separation from loved ones is felt the strongest during Shabbat Dinner. Traditionally a time of warmth and weekly togetherness, we wanted to make sure Tali felt seen, included and cared for, particularly during this time. We prepared a delicious, homemade Shabbat dinner, complete with challah bread and dessert, and brought it to the hotel in time for dinner. Thankfully, she had recovered her sense of taste just the day before!

One of the guards met us at the sectioned-off perimeter to pass the meal to Tali who waited in excitement at the front of the hotel. Standing a distance away and speaking through her mask, she thanked us profusely for not only thinking of her but also for supporting her throughout the quarantine, both physically and spiritually.

We are happy to report that her symptoms didn’t intensify, and she returned to base, completely healthy, at the beginning of the week. We look forward to continuing to support Tali and the rest of our believing lone soldiers by providing tangible support, as well as consistent emotional encouragement and prayer!

THANK YOU for being part of this important work of encouraging and blessing believing soldiers in Israel!

*Name has been changed to protect privacy

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