NerYah Youth 9th Graders’ Orientation

The NerYah believing youth group is about to begin! After a long summer break, and the High Holy Days in September, the youth are excited to come together again. We hosted the incoming 9th graders for an evening of questions & answers, as well as good food, games, and fellowship. Since these youth come from different congregations throughout the Jerusalem area, many of them do not know each other. This meeting helped to "break the ice" and help them know what to expect during the regular weekly meetings. We were happy to have 9th graders from all backgrounds - it's a very diverse group and we couldn't be more happy! Please pray for these young men and women as they enter this new phase of their faith journey. Please also pray for our youth group leaders, for wisdom, insight, and a great love for these youth! For more about our Threefold Vision for the future generation, please click here.

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