Scholarships for Israeli young adults

I would like to personally thank you for partnering with us in our work in Israel. I am excited to update you about our scholarship program for young believing adults in Israel. This program, which … Read More

Hearing the Voice of God

We have 5 primary senses right? What are they? Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. There are also those who would claim that we have a sixth sense. What is that in your opinion? Conscience. … Read More

The Word of God

Years, months, weeks, and days will pass. Generations come and go. However, the Word of God is eternal, living and active and sharper than any double edged sword today and forever! A few facts regarding … Read More

Truth and the Word of God

Why do we put things down in writing? Sometimes we write as a way of expressing ourselves, or because we simply feel like writing, or because it’s fun, or so that we won’t forget something … Read More

Principles of the Faith

The Kingdom of Heaven — The Kingdom of Heaven is our starting point, the beginning of a story in which our good King who loves and cares for all within His kingdom, gives all of … Read More

Ephesians 6:10–24

  We need both strength and protection that only God can give in order to wrestle with spiritual forces at work in our life. As believers, we are given spiritual armor from God to stand … Read More

Ephesians 6:1–9

These verses show us how we are to be towards our parents and the importance of submitting to their authority and honoring them. The meaning of “honor” in this context has to do with putting … Read More

Ephesians 5:21–33

“Be subject to one another in the fear of Messiah”. Before speaking on submission within the context of marriage, Paul also emphasizes the need for mutual submission to one another within the context of any … Read More

Ephesians 5:7–20

Verse 7 begins with ‏“therefore”. This word cues us into the fact that this passage connects to the previous passage. The previous passages spoke of how we must put away those things that we held … Read More

Ephesians 4:25–5:6

In Chapter 1, Paul goes into detail about the Gospel and how God has forgiven us and how God has a purpose and a calling on our life. Paul speaks clearly to the Ephesians of … Read More