NerYah 2020/2021

We just closed out the academic year with our incredible youth group! We said goodbye to the 12th graders who are soon enlisting in their mandatory military service, and we are ready to welcome the incoming group of 9th graders. It was a challenging year on so many levels — the pandemic, which forced us to hold most of our meetings online or in small groups; the military campaign “Operation Guardian of the Walls” and the ensuing tensions within the country, especially in Jerusalem where our youth meet. All of these challenges presented us an opportunity to draw closer to our Heavenly Father and to each other - we could not have passed this past year alone!
Here are some encouraging testimonies from some youth from this past year's program:
" I had no idea how much you [the ministry] do! I was really sad that NerYah was coming to an end, but now that I know you will continue with me through my military service, I am so encouraged. I know I will not face the challenges that lie ahead alone. I am comforted to know you will be with me in the next phase of my life!"  ~ 12th Grader enlisting in the IDF
"I know how difficult this past year was for you all. You have no idea how much you affected me for good. I really flourished!" ~ 11th Grader
These young people are a bright hope for the future of the Body of Messiah in Israel! We are grateful to be part of their personal journey with the Lord, and look forward to continue with them, whether in the last years of high school, the army, or beyond.

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