Why We Need a Jewish Homeland

by M.Rosen In Memoriam – Simcha (“Kazik”) Rotem 1924-2018 Simcha Rotem (z”l), the last fighter of the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto of 1943, was buried on Monday, December 24 in the Ayalon Valley … Read More

Remembering Rabin

All of Israel had shut down. Our Prime Minister had been shot and everyone kept saying ‘I just hope it wasn’t a Jew who shot him’, but the fact that they kept saying this only … Read More

Israel On My Mind

By Stuart Rothberg*, Guest Author Israel is on my mind, but not merely because I’m Jewish. I’ve always been Jewish, but I have not always been mindful of tiny, little Israel. That all changed when … Read More

Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital

Thoughts on Jerusalem, Israel’s Eternal Capital On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, a little after 8:00 PM Israel time, I sat in my living room, watching President Trump announce the United States of America’s official recognition … Read More

Reading Between the Lines

Mount Moriah in Focus The swirl of events spawned by the murder of two Israeli police nearly a month ago outside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem has revealed the true face of the Islamic Waqf … Read More

Hebron and UNESCO

Islamization of Jewish Holy Sites in UNESCO Now even Hebron is being threatened by the Muslim agenda As I write this article, I find myself astounded that UNESCO has managed to sink to new lows through … Read More

Choosing Peace

In October of 2016, Avigdor Liberman (Israel’s Minister of Defense) made an historic offer to the leaders of Hamas—Israel promised to build an airport and a sea port for Gaza in exchange for Israeli hostages … Read More