Fact & Fiction — Along the border with Gaza

The past two weeks have seen aggression after aggression against Israel along the border with Gaza. At first there were a number of illegal border crossings by armed terrorists. Then a “peaceful protest” began that has been anything but peaceful so far. Any time terrorists organize a “peaceful protest” against Israel, the media does a killer job of making Israel’s response look bad. One issue is that terrorists use children and young men as a way of making the soldiers look bad if any forceful response to the terrorism is used. The key lies being told in the media are presented below as fiction (which they are) and the truth is presented in response to the lies. See the video below and read on to get some insight into this issue.

Fiction: Gazans are currently engaged in a peaceful protest along the Israeli border.
Fact: Gazans are burning tires, throwing things that are on fire, and even shooting across the border at Israeli forces as well as sabotaging the security fence separating Israel from Gaza.

Fiction: Those killed in the conflict are innocent civilian protestors.
Fact: More than half of those killed have been confirmed as having already been actively involved with attempted terrorist attacks in the past.

Fiction: Those who have been shot by Israeli soldiers were not warned.
Fact: The soldiers stationed along the border with Gaza have in their midst numerous soldiers for whom Arabic is their mother tongue and who give warnings in fluent Arabic over loudspeakers to dissuade innocent civilians from engaging in acts of aggression alongside the Hamas operatives who are leading the event. The soldiers also discern carefully between terrorist threats and innocent civilians. In one incident in which Hamas sent a little girl across the border as a provocation, the IDF discerned the situation and returned the girl safely to her parents.

Fiction: Israel is the aggressor in the conflict along the border.
Fact: The conflict along the border is the result of a protest against Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The fact that the "protest" has turned violent testifies to how poor any sense of peacekeeping in Gaza really is. The fact that Hamas terrorists are able to incite others to violence along the border shows that under the current terrorist regime in Gaza, peaceful protest is impossible and no negotiations can be made.

How to pray 
Pray that no more innocent civilians will be used by Hamas in their effort to create tension in response to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Pray that Hamas will no longer use the money of innocent civilians for inciting terror. Pray that the leadership in Gaza will undergo a drastic shift from terror against Israel and will instead focus on creating a viable State for its citizens, where people can have opportunity to live healthy, productive lives. Pray that children in Gaza will no longer be raised up with a mentality of death and destruction but will be taught to love their enemies and make peace with their neighbors. Pray for the continued success of the IDF in securing the borders of Israel.

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