“Never Again” Happened…Again

by Aviram Eldar May 2024 It was noon. Eva, a six-year-old girl, held her mother Ilana’s hand, and together with her older brother, Jury, and hundreds of other Jews like them, they walked towards the … Read More

Six Months Later

by Karen J. Kruger April 2024 October 7 began with the expectation of a full day of celebration ahead of us. There were grandchildren to see and dance with, as the traditional celebration of Simchat … Read More

Operation Swords of Iron – Week 24

By HFI Staff Writers This coming week, Israel – and Jewish communities around the world – will celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim, which originates in the Biblical book of Esther. Sadly, this year Purim … Read More

Standing on the Right Side of History – Purim 2024

By Sarah L., Staff Writer This year Purim seems an especially timely holiday celebrating Israel’s victory over the audacious and avaricious plots of its enemies. However, Purim’s relevance today is deeper than it seems. Thousands … Read More

Hamas: An Organization in Its Own Words

By Sarah L, Staff Writer Hamas, the organization which controls the Gaza Strip and which is responsible for the brutal mass murder of over 1,300 innocent Israelis on October 7th, is, despite being labeled a … Read More

Accusations Against Israel – Myth or Fact?

By: Sarah L, Staff Writer Hamas’ vicious surprise attack against Israeli civilians on Saturday, October 7th was the biggest and most evil attack Israel has ever experienced. Hamas’ massacre and tactics were unprecedented in scope … Read More

Ben & Jerry’s Political Flavor of the Month

by Hope for Israel Staff August 2021 Vermont-based ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, announced in late July that it will not renew its contract with its current Israeli licensee at the end of December … Read More

Fact & Fiction — Along the border with Gaza

The past two weeks have seen aggression after aggression against Israel along the border with Gaza. At first there were a number of illegal border crossings by armed terrorists. Then a “peaceful protest” began that … Read More

False Claims of the BDS Movement: Arab Refugees

by M.A. Rosenblit One of the three main stipulations set out by the BDS movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel specifically relates to the “right of Palestinian refugees” to return to their land that … Read More