HFI’s Tutoring Project Update

Shalom from Jerusalem! We are delighted to share with you an update on our new tutoring project, which pairs graduates of our youth group NerYah who are now enrolled in university with high schoolers who … Read More

A Lone Soldier’s Story

Ministry Update: Interview with Sgt. S, an American lone soldier who participates in Hope for Israel’s (HFI) believing soldier program and was a volunteer counselor in HFI’s believing youth group, NerYa. We were delighted to … Read More

Scholarship & Mentoring Program – Academic Year 2022/2023

The academic year is underway! As the third stage of our Threefold Vision for Discipleship, the Scholarship and Mentoring program offers practical and emotional support for Israeli believing students. We believe that investing in the … Read More

Ministry Update: NerYah Youth Group

The NerYah Youth group (2022-2023) opened with great success! The coordinators, Emunah & Ro’i, led by Tigist, assembled an incredible staff of 12th graders from the youth group. Together, they planned and executed the best … Read More

Investing in the Future Generation of Israel

High school students from our NerYah youth group volunteered time from their summer break to assemble special care packages for our believing soldiers. Not only do these packages remind our soldiers that we care for … Read More

College & Career Mentoring

This year we started a new project where we give our young people tools to develop on a personal level and live as “more than conquerors”, as God says. Seeing the additional challenges that they … Read More

Thank You! — March 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem! Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to invest in the future generation of believers in Israel! We just celebrated the festive holiday of Purim in Israel. While not one … Read More

Thank You! — February 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem! Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to disciple the future generation of believers in Israel. I have previously shared about the NerYah believing youth group, which is the first … Read More

NerYah Snow Day!

Partner with us! February  2022 Jerusalem recently received over 8 inches of snow! This amount of snowfall is unusual for Jerusalem, and you can bet our believing youth were very excited about it! Since the … Read More

Thank You! — January 2022

Shalom from Jerusalem! Thank you for partnering with Hope for Israel!  I am personally grateful for your partnership as we empower the future generation of believers in Israel. The NerYah believing youth group is the … Read More