Thank You! – June 2024

Shalom from Jerusalem,

I am very grateful for your partnership in supporting our outreach to Jerusalem’s believing youth!

The past year has been one of the most challenging years for us as a country, a nation, and as individuals. Nevertheless, we thank God for His faithfulness and for providing us with the strength and resources to be here for the believing youth of NerYah. They are going through a difficult period where they must learn to maintain a "normal and routine" lifestyle amidst war, sirens, and incredible uncertainty.

At the beginning of June, we held the end-of-year party for this school year. We celebrated with a Shavuot inspired theme, “Harvest”. While it is tough to celebrate in a time of war, we really took to heart the opportunity to gather and thank God for all He has done this past school year.

The theme of the youth group this year was "House on the Rock." Throughout the year, the youth and the leaders formed a strong bond of trust and learned to trust God in every season. They also learned how to practically build a strong foundation of faith on the “rock” that would not weaken through the storms. Little did we know how crucial it would be for this season of war.

The youth group's activities have profoundly and positively impacted the attendees. At the graduation party, many youths expressed their joy and gratitude for the efforts made for them. Their eagerness to continue next year and bring their siblings along is a clear testament to the value they see in the group and its impact on their lives.

As we concluded the meeting, we blessed and prayed for the 12th graders as they prepared for their enlistment in the army and handed them military backpacks. We reminded them that we are here for them, praying and accompanying them even after their enlistment. Here’s what one youth wrote about her experience in NerYah:

"At NerYah, I found a place of relaxation and strengthening of faith every time I went to the meetings. I always felt comfortable turning to our youth leader, who invested a great deal and gave their precious time to pray and be a listening ear. Within the framework of NerYah, my faith was greatly strengthened, and the tools for life helped me deal with challenges such as the army enlistment exams. Even now, in the challenging war period, I found a pleasant and calm place when everything was raging outside. For example, my family and I fled from our home in the Gaza envelope area when terrorists infiltrated the city. I am genuinely grateful to God for helping us escape safe and sound, and for all the prayers of the friends and the leaders in NerYah. It was amazing to share the challenges, pray together, and remember God's goodness even when it is difficult. Thank you very much for all your contributions, and may God bless you!"

Thank you for entrusting your offering to Hope for Israel. Your partnership means a great deal to me, my team, and the many people who are blessed by the ministry’s work. May we continue to be a light and a blessing to the people of Israel during this dark and difficult time.

In His Service,
Moran Rosenblit
Founder & Executive Director
Hope for Israel

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