Operation Hesed — Passover

Support Operation HesedShalom and blessings from Jerusalem! Every year, we at Hope for Israel and partners like YOU join together to provide Israeli families grocery vouchers for the Passover holiday. It is such an easy, … Read More

UPDATE: Supporting our Believing Soldiers

Partner with us!This past Friday night we had the special opportunity to bless a believing lone soldier, Tali*, in a unique way! A few weeks ago, Tali lost her sense of taste and subsequently tested … Read More

UPDATE: Investing in the Future Generation

Partner with us!Israeli youth have been stuck at home for the better part of 2020. Three lockdowns in Israel have caused feelings of isolation, loneliness, and even depression in many youth. Between distance learning at … Read More

Supplies for Students

Support “Supplies for Students”The 2020/20201 academic year is starting! But, COVID-19 has forced university students to learn from home. This means students not only require a computer to attend online classes, but also printers, scanners, … Read More

Operation Hesed — Rosh Hashanah

Support Operation HesedShalom and blessings from Jerusalem! Rosh Hashanah – the Feast of Trumpets, the Jewish New Year – is just around the corner! While usually a time filled with anticipation for the year ahead, … Read More

Operation Hesed — Stage 1

Support Operation HesedOur Operation Hesed project for Passover 2020 was different than previous years due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Israel has been in lockdown since mid-March, and over 1 million people (about 11% of Israel’s … Read More

Passover 2020 — Operation Hesed

Support Operation HesedShalom and blessings from Jerusalem! It’s a really tough time of uncertainty in the world today. In Israel, the lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus has severely impacted families all over the country. … Read More

Rosh Hashanah 2019 — Operation Hesed

Support this ProjectBless Families & Lone Soldiers in Israel The High Holy Days are upon us! Hope for Israel is blessing hundreds of families in need and lone soldiers (soldiers serving in the IDF who … Read More

Passover 2019 — Operation Hesed

Support Operation HesedShalom and blessings from Jerusalem! The “Operation Hesed: Passover” project is underway! We are excited for this year’s Passover project, as we expect to help feed hundreds of families during this special time … Read More

Rebuilding a Community

After suffering months of renewed rocket attacks from Gaza, Hope for Israel is sponsoring a weekend in Eilat for an entire Israeli community! The idea is to provide the community a safe place in which … Read More