Murder of Israeli-American Journalist  

Another video of the beheading of an American journalist was released Tuesday to the public by Islamic State (ISIS). It was revealed today that Steven Sotloff, is both an Israeli and American citizen, who made Aliyah … Read More

Israeli Economy

Analysts say the war with Gaza could cost the Israeli economy about $3 billion, if you include things like lost wages. Businesses, especially those in the south, suffered as customers stayed in their homes.One of … Read More

New School Year Begins

The first of September starts the first day of school for children across Israel. In Israel children and family are the most precious part of life. We thank God for his provision and for the gift … Read More

08/29 Prayer Points

Ceasefire in Effect An Egyptian-brokered ceasefire went into effect Tuesday evening. Residents of the south still carry doubt that this will be an end to the rocket fire, while Palestinians in Gaza run to the … Read More

8/24 Prayer Points

Enemies in the North and South of Israel At least five rockets were shot from Syria into the northern Galilee region of Israel and another was fired from Lebanon that hit a home in western … Read More

8/21 Prayer Points

4-year old boy killed by mortar fire An awful tragedy happened today in the south of Israel when a young boy was killed from a mortar rocket that hit the car of his family. Rockets … Read More

8/8 Prayer Points

Hamas Breaks Ceasefire Over 18 rockets were shot into Israel in the last 24-hours, officially breaking the ceasefire that was in place between Israel and Hamas.  Two Israelis were injured by shrapnel from one rocket … Read More

Prayer Points for Israel

Operation Protective Edge:  After 29 grueling days, the military campaign against the terror group, Hamas, has halted in a 72-hour ceasefire.  So far, Hamas has upheld the ceasefire, unlike the previous 6 ceasefires in which … Read More

Prayer Points for Israel

Operation Protective Edge:  Over 56 IDF soldiers have given their lives defending Israel from Hamas since this operation began. Sadly, over 1,000 Gaza civilians have also died, many of who refused to leave areas of … Read More