Prayer Points for Israel

US Senators Introduce New Sanctions Against Iran: Obama Threatens to Veto:  A group of Senators from both sides of the aisle have introduced a new bill that would not only impose new sanctions on Iran if they do not uphold their end of the deal regarding their nuclear program, but also would give support for Israel in the event of a military strike if necessary.  President Obama made it clear that this bill is “illogical” and would veto it if it came to him.  This comes at a time when the negotiations continue with Iran over what is an “acceptable” level of uranium enrichment and how much their nuclear program can be operational.  Please continue to pray that God’s wisdom will lead Israel as the nations continue in their folly regarding Iran.  Please pray that Israel’s leadership will not be bullied into making agreements that will put her at great risk, and that Israel will garner great support for defending herself against Iran, if necessary.

Winter Storm Fallout:  The storm has passed, but the damage has been quite severe. Israel was not well prepared, as no one expected such a large amount of snow to fall.  Many parts of Israel were unreachable for days, and thousands of people are still without electricity, even in these freezing cold temperatures.  Basic food supplies are short and they are rationing essentials such as milk, eggs, and bread at the supermarkets. Schools in much of the country are still closed, and people have returned to work only if they can physically get to their workplace.  Please continue to pray for a quick recovery from this terrible storm and that all homes will have electricity as soon as possible.  Please also pray that Israel will learn how to prepare better for the next storm that will come, and that Israelis will be smarter about stocking up on essentials beforehand and riding out the storm patiently. 

Syrian Cleric in Lebanon Justifies “Martyrdom” for Allah:  A radical Muslim Cleric said that the recent bombings in Lebanon, which have killed dozens of Lebanese, are justified from the perspective of Martyrdom.  In fact, he praised those who carried out such bombings.  This kind of teaching propagates the desire that many Muslims have to please Allah through death by suicide bombings and other such terrorist attacks.  It is especially dangerous within Israel, where many young Muslims take out their frustration over the status of Palestinians and the push to create a Palestinian State.  Please continue to pray for God’s supernatural protection over Israel from such acts of murder.  Please also pray that Muslims will be open to hearing about the freedom they have in Yeshua, and that many will come to know Him as their Redeemer. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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