IDF Soldier Killed by Sniper:  An IDF soldier was murdered by a Lebanese soldier over the weekend along the border with Lebanon.  The man was a husband and father to a 7-month-old baby and his family is grieving his sudden loss very heavily.  The Lebanese soldier turned himself in after hiding in the forest of Lebanon overnight.  He confessed to shooting the IDF soldier in cold blood.  Please pray for Shlomi Cohen’s family in their mourning, that they will find their comfort in Yeshua the Messiah.  Please also pray that God will protect Israel’s defenders, our soldiers, as they have been under fire lately from all sides.  For more, see Shlomi Cohen

Winter Storm Fallout:  The storm has passed, but the damage has been quite severe. Israel was not well prepared, as no one expected such a large amount of snow to fall.  Many parts of Israel were unreachable for days, and thousands of people are still without electricity, even in these freezing cold temperatures.  Basic food supplies are short and they are rationing essentials such as milk, eggs, and bread at the supermarkets. Schools in much of the country are still closed, and people have returned to work only if they can physically get to their workplace.  Please continue to pray for a quick recovery from this terrible storm and that all homes will have electricity as soon as possible.  Please also pray that Israel will learn how to prepare better for the next storm that will come, and that Israelis will be smarter about stocking up on essentials beforehand and riding out the storm patiently. 

Thank you for praying!

The Hope for Israel Prayer Team

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