This Week in Israel — July 26, 2018

Terrorism from Gaza kills Aviv Levi Most recently, terrorists in Gaza have been shooting at Israeli soldiers in Israel. This past week, a 21-year-old Israeli soldier, Staff Sergeant Aviv Levi, lost his life in the … Read More

This Week in Israel — June 28, 2018

Festival of Lights (June 27th–July 5th) Every year in Jerusalem for the past 10 years now, hundreds of thousands have been gathering during the annual Festival of Lights to celebrate artwork that uses “light” as … Read More

This Week in Israel — June 21, 2018

Rockets, Fire Kites & Baloons According to the Fire and Rescue Services Commissioner Brig. Gen. Dedi Simchi in the Knesset press release on June 17th, just over 6,000 acres (25,000 dunams) have been burned because … Read More

This Week in Israel — May 31, 2018

Independence from Hamas Gaza was once a thriving city, complete with beautiful beaches, successful businesses, great educational institutions and the like. Today, after years of oppression from Hamas and misinformation from the regime that misleads … Read More

This Week in Israel — May 24, 2018

Setting the record straight! In a gathering of Christians in Bethlehem this week that is typically fairly biased against Israel, one speaker who is pro-Israel will be presenting on his view that the real problem … Read More

This Week in Israel — May 3, 2018

Photo credit: COGAT SpokesmanRare find! One exciting discovery in Israel was announced today. A coin from the third or fourth year of the Bar Kokhba revolt (probably about AD 134–136) testifies to fact that the … Read More

This Week in Israel — April 26, 2018

Rain This past week has been unusually rainy for this time of the year. Yesterday, some of the Hope for Israel staff even got caught outside when it began to hail (pretty big chunks of … Read More

This Week in Israel — April 5, 2018

The border with Syria US President Donald Trump’s recent announcement of his intention to withdraw all 2,000 American troops from Syria has many speculating about the future of Israel’s northern border. It is clear that … Read More

This Week in Israel — March 29, 2018

The Passover Sacrifice The Jerusalem District Court approved for the first time since the re-establishment of Israel the ritual of slaughtering the paschal lamb below the southern side of the Temple Mount in the Davidson … Read More