This Week in Israel — June 28, 2018

Festival of Lights (June 27th–July 5th)
Every year in Jerusalem for the past 10 years now, hundreds of thousands have been gathering during the annual Festival of Lights to celebrate artwork that uses "light" as a key element of the work. Light was God's first creative work. Perhaps that's why creative artwork that uses light is something to celebrate and appreciate. Follow us on Facebook to see when we post fun videos and photos from events like this one!

Prince William in Israel in light of recent relations with the UNHRC
For the first time in 70 years, British royalty visited Israel ending with a visit to Jerusalem’s Old City earlier today. Earlier this week, the UK reprimanded the the UNHRC for its bias against Israel and gave the UN until the end of 2018 to make changes. This is following the US withdrawal from the council last week and Israel’s boycott of the council.


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