This Week in Israel — April 5, 2018

The border with Syria
US President Donald Trump's recent announcement of his intention to withdraw all 2,000 American troops from Syria has many speculating about the future of Israel's northern border. It is clear that the wicked Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his Russian, Iranian, and Turkish allies have gotten the upper hand in Syria and the question is how can and should the rest of the world be involved now. One area that the Syrian president has set his sights on is the Syrian part of the Golan. As this area along Israel's northern border, any effort by Assad to attack rebels there could mean Russian planes flying all too close to sovereign Israeli airspace and perhaps triggering sirens in Israel due to the clashes. Assad has already set up military infrastructure in the area that violates agreements that have been in place since the Yom Kippur War. Pray with us that this situation doesn't worsen for Israel and that the world will not pull back from coming to the help of the millions of Syrians being terrorized by Assad's regime.

The Border with Gaza
Things have only deteriorated further in the past week. To learn more about this critical issue, check out the article we posted earlier today (click here to view). In short, Hamas is instigating violent riots at the border under the guise of a peaceful protest. They have voiced intentions to continue this in the coming weeks leading up to the Israeli Independence Day. Let's pray that this situation doesn't get any worse in the coming days and weeks. If Hamas doesn't stop inciting the people to violence, it could lead to war which could mean even worse conditions than those living in Gaza already endure. For Israel this conflict will be used in the media to smear the name of Israel meaning that international relations will be complicated. Our God is a big God and we are praying that He gives Israel favor in the coming days and weeks, and perhaps even an opportunity to offer relief to those oppressed by Hamas in Gaza.

Deportation of Asylum Seekers
This week has been quite the roller coaster ride for those living illegally in Israel. The parliament has been seeking for some time to deport some 40,000 asylum seekers living illegally in Israel. The High Court in Israel has challenged the parliament's legislation on this matter multiple times and so delayed any possible deportations. This past week an agreement was reached in which many would have gotten to remain in Israel and receive asylum here, however, this agreement was cancelled within hours of when it was made. Now the question is whether or not the state department in Israel can demonstrate that asylum seekers will be deported to a country that will be a safe place for them with comparable economic conditions to the country from which they originate. Today, the state department turned in a report to the High Court claiming that the target country does measure up to expectations for the deportees. Pray that those involved in this process will act wisely and that just solutions will be implemented.

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