Update from Jerusalem

Last week, I wrote this in my blog entry: “The enemy is very hard at work to divide Jerusalem, which will one day be the City of Peace, the city from where the Prince of … Read More

Operation “Bring Back Our Brothers”

Due to the urgent matter that Israel is facing at the moment, and the fact that the media around the world chooses to minimize the reports about the situation that Israel faces today, as well … Read More

Israel’s True Independence

This past Monday morning at 10:00 AM, while on my way to work, I stopped the car in the middle of the road like all of those who were around me, stepped out, and stood … Read More

Take a Stand!

As I am in this season of reflection, I wanted to share a few thoughts about the Holocaust, a horrible event that took place between the years of 1933 to 1945. On Sunday evening, April … Read More

A False Hope …

A False Hope … January 22, 1995 was a day that changed my life forever; it was a day that 21 soldiers and 1 civilian were killed by a double suicide bomber at the Bet … Read More

AMI Update

We are glad to report that on January 16th, 2013 justice was served and a guilty verdict was handed down in the case of Jack Teitel versus the State of Israel. Jack Teitel was found … Read More

The “E-1” Issue

The “E-1” Issue  By: Sharona Those who follow news from Israel have probably heard talk about the controversial E1 building plan to connect the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim to Jerusalem. This is a loaded issue … Read More