“… peace and quiet within your Palaces.” Psalm 122:7b

One of Jerusalem’s roles during the reign of Messiah will be to bring people together in unity. Nowadays, however, the reality is quite the opposite; Jerusalem is actually the central cause of division. When I say division, I mean not just between the Arab and the Jewish peoples, which is the most common thought, but also between the various Jewish sects – religious and secular – and even within the various religious sects themselves.

Yet, in the second part of Psalm 122:7, we find a beautiful picture of peace and quiet within its Palaces. Consider what a wonderful thing it is that David foretells; within the Palaces of the city, the place where those who have power, influence, and control sit, there will be peace and quiet.

This is something we in Jerusalem long for today! Let me tell you that many on both sides of the conflict – Jew and Arab alike – are weary of this situation. In a recent talk I had with a Muslim man, he told me that he was tired of the conflict and of the corrupt leadership of both sides, which only brings war and division, affecting the “simple” citizens who are suffering as a result. And this is not just a problem in Israel! Amongst the religious leaders, we see the same problem. This is a problem resulting from the unending need for power and control that comes from the sin of the pride in our lives. Each sect thinks that they have it right, and each leader leads his followers to a place of suffering.

I believe that verse 7 is hinting once again to the era when our Messiah will return to Jerusalem to reign. It is only then that we will be unified around the same purpose of worshiping the King of kings and Lord of lords, our Messiah. Only at that time will Jerusalem be able to fulfill her role in uniting people to God first and then to one another.

Until that day, let us continue to pray for His peace to rule in our hearts, and to ready ourselves for His return.

Shabbat Shalom,



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One Comment on ““… peace and quiet within your Palaces.” Psalm 122:7b”

  1. The Messiah return will happen after HIS churchill (us), will be removed from the earth, before the anti Christ stay in Jerusalem. Will be terribles times that never happened before in the earth’s history ( Daniel Book). Jesus, said that all that is happening, is necessary, HE said for HIS churchill, do not be afraid. Our Jesus, will came again, with the churchill (the return to remove forever the Evil and his angels, unfortunately, many of human beings), Armagedon Battle. New Jerusalem, news heaven and earth!

    Hu Yavo!


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